Is Stacey Dash “No Black Everything”?

85365cb49abec7a20ac6d430d576c31ci use to think stacey dash was so beautiful.
nowadays i think she is a raging dumbass.
what happened to her?
did she get jumped by some sistas?
did some black wolf do her wrong?
i’m lost with the left turn she made in life.
look at what she said in regards to jada pinkett smith

…and on fox news,
none the less…


i’m a little perturbed she said we shouldn’t have “black anything”.

no black awards
no black history month
no to the color “black”

is she smoking crack?
that snow wolf even responded like she crazy!
maybe she is?
i just can’t believe this vixen:

…and then i ran across this video looking up something about “da brat”:

…and now she is a raging “new black”?
i hope the check to sell out is nice.

lowkey: someone lead our lost sista back home…
or is it too late?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “Is Stacey Dash “No Black Everything”?”

  1. It’s too late for her she too far gone, the black community has been done with her for a while now. I use to really like her when I was younger I use to think she was so beautiful and I loved her New York accent. Now, I can’t stand the sight of her and I do think she is kind of crazy. When the whites are done with her she will try to come back.

  2. *BIG SIGH* This bitch….

    No one elected me as speaker of the black delegation however, I say she is already gone and we don’t want her back. We don’t need this type of person as a representative of our community. She makes every attempt to come off as intellectual but she ends up sounding like a undeniable dumb ass. Your services are no longer needed here ma’am.

  3. There is no redemption or salvability for her. I completely understand what she is saying about BET and Back History Month, but I think she fails to understand why it is there in the first place. She needs to understand that there was a necessity to create these avenues of expression because the needs of black people weren’t being met. She doesn’t understand that when programming on TV is being made to cater to one specific demographic then every channel is “WET” and every month is “White History Month” because the history was not being discussed or taught. For someone who should be intelligent, she is highly moronic.

      1. LMFAO….. DWRCL…. you killing me buddy….. but you are right… Maybe you can light a candle and help them see the light as some people #JustDon’tFuckingGetIt…..

      2. hmmmm Stacey, Stacey, Stacey…..SMFH….well you prove that there are plenty of “UncleToms’ still left in this world, ready to sell their souls for 30 pieces of silver. FAUXNews has shown you to be the perfect bait- they give you the toxic liquid to drink, and you vomit the racist view that THEY want to say but it is more effective coming from one of their own people.

        Now Stacey, here is a cord….Now go hang your fucking self from the roof of that FAUIXNews building. And I hope the crows never eat your rotting ass, as if they do, they would probably puke!

  4. She’s been this way for awhile and part of me thinks her being mixed has something to do with her thinking idk she just has this way of thinking she better than.

    P.S. Was it me or did she look really uncomfortable in that video with total, Aaliyah, and da brat?

  5. Fox News had this lady on speed dial because they knew she would be the right one to make us look desperate…

    My thing is this, without these channels and stations that cater to our race, we wouldn’t have close to anything that acknowledges our achievements.

    It’s too late to bring auntie tom back to this side, let Fox News keep her!

  6. I love how she’s blaming Obama…LAWL! #fail

    And the scapegoat award goes to…

    FYI Stacey, Black History Month is still needed, BET could be revamped (majorly) imo but some sort of programming is still needed because representation has been a problem forEVER! We just need to reinvent our programming and award shows, which I have seen slight improvement over the last few years. Scandal is still my show! Empire’s entertaining, but a bit messy, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    the one thing I agree with her is that the people nominated for Oscars and eventually win should be the BEST actors regardless of race. The problem is the perspective of the those who get to choose, their demographic is too homogeneous for it to even be fair, there’s a natural bias there even if it’s unintentional.

    Although I think this topic is worth a little discussion, I’m not sure if the hysterics from Jada etc. were necessary. It’s STILL not that serious. I understand that winning these awards is kind of like international recognition of not only their efforts but the HISTORY in these movies being acknowledged and recognized, (mind you, I didn’t see ANY of these movies, so i’m just going off of what I’m hearing) and while I agree that the history is the important aspect that needs recognition, being nominated or winning that trinket still doesn’t make things that much better or worse for the history, or our community. it’s just fluff. It’s a nice trophy for the winner, but that’s it. Didn’t Leo DiCaprio not get nominated as well? Didn’t he act his ass off in that movie? (I didn’t watch) apparently these voters don’t give two shits about these things. They want who THEY want to win. That’s it. I’m in the middle on this. This discussion needs to be had in my opinion, but at the same time, like other people have stated, there are a lot worse problems out here to be protesting and boycotting about. JAY said it yesterday: Donald Trump might very well be your next president.<<<<LOL! I mean, nuff said. Oscar's who? Not worth the hysterics. Again, I think it's positive to have the discussion, but that's it. A discussion, it needs to be discussed, but it's not worth so much huff and puff over a freaking trinket. lol.

  7. Stacey and Raven are in the same boat and cannot be saved. I would have never thought Stacey had the views she did. She is a sellout and and the black community will never accept her back. On top of that, she also wanted black history month gone. Bye bitch. I never use that word, so you know I’m totally pissed with her.

  8. She is completely eff’d up!!!! I just knew she was gonna say get rid of MLK holiday. It was on her lips, but she probably would need bodyguards leaving FOX Studios. Its that Dash DNA. They are all messed up! So far gone. We don’t want her back! #DropSquad

  9. Love how Roland Martin clapback with Stacey a** out on the cover of the #1 black men’s magazine KING/ What a sellout!

  10. I’ll just be blunt. I think Stacy is fine but seems to me she’s just running her mouth babbling nonsense but has a “tiny” point.

    As far as the black community wanting her back, she probably doesn’t care…..for right now at least.

    I do find this interesting though for a few reasons. This is just my personal opinion. A few of you know that the black community doesn’t even want most of us either because we like men or both?!!? They sure as hell don’t support us. What if this topic was about an Urban LGBT awards show?

    Supporting the black community? We barely support each other to begin with…& try your luck at getting our community to support an open black LGBT actor/actress…they will turn their heads the other way.

    I’m not saying all are like that or trying to sway the conversation from Stacy’s babbling though I’m just saying. The people want diversity in the Oscars but can’t accept it within their own community…ummm.

    But the big picture to me (& this is my opinion) is that we as a community need to stop and monitor what’s really going on within it.

    The Black forefathers/mothers made movements that spoke volumes that moved the community as one tiwards relevant things. Can you imagine if Martin was able to see what is going on today?

    In my opinion, this is all fluff. I don’t even pay the Oscar’s any mind cause it’s been the same as always. No, I’m not saying all of Hollywood is racist but I personally believe they love to push the stereotype of non-fair-skinned people & very prejudice.

    Not only do you not see any Black/Brown Americans up there but you don’t see any Asian-Americans or Latino-Americans actors/actresses either…..ever, who are stereotyped badly by Hollywood as well & I don’t even think anyone of them has ever received anything as of yet to my So yes, the diversity is lacking on all spectrums.

    1. ^ Jai,

      I love this comment, you spoke so many truths. We are not the only ones Hollywood treats like this when it come to acting roles and recognition. Just like you said I’ll curious if this would be getting the same kind of support from the black community if an out black actor did an amazing role in a movie and wasn’t nominated.

      1. I didn’t mean to sound harsh but it angers me sometimes with stuff like this. I always think about all of our LGBT black brothers/sisters that are shunned, ridiculed and even killed because they happen to be attracted to the same.

        I don’t even want to even touch the number of young black LGBT contemplating suicide for fear of rejection by their OWN people.

        These same folks protesting black lives matter will beat you senseless because you are gay.

        There was this one movie, I forgot but it was posted online (maybe on this blog). Well the movie had a black character who was gay. Remember the football (with black players who went to go see that movie?)

        Their whole attitude changed to huffing & puffing and slurring when the gay black male was onscreen…& apparently when this black got beaten up by a white man for making a pass…apparently these fellas were cheering. I just shake my head…

        And every time I hear these movements about black equality & diversity…I always say, “Well what if the black man/woman was gay, what if the girl was lesbian or transgendered? Would y’all care or would that be god serving justice to abominations?”, as they put it.

        No disrespect to those who have been murdered at all. I just feel as if I were to walk out and get murdered by a “white” cop…Another black man was killed senselessly. The black community would be on fire! Now add a man that identified himself as gay was shot….**listen for the crickets**

        I’m not saying all of our people are like that but a lot are and are VERY vocal about it.

    2. So while you’re talking about the black community are you going to talk about the gay community? They’re not exactly unified either. You have masculine vs. feminine and feminine vs. feminine and men being put in caste system based on looks. Then black gays are oblivious to the fact they are marginalized in the gay rights movement unless they date interracially, willing to be a bbc fetish, or have status (i.e. Michael Sam).

      It’s not exactly lollipops and cotton candy for any gays if they come from religious background and are related to or associate with bigots.

      1. But that all happens in the heterosexual side of the spectrum as well and it stems from the imprint that is proposed on what a black man is supposed to represent.

        I’m not saying black LGBT are angels of light bound by the rainbow of almighty truth but the root didn’t spring from them that causes the division. In my opinion, that is learned behavior…just like racism & sexism.

        I didn’t say all black heterosexuals were this way but a lot are & are VERY vocal about it. As far as the LGBT, I personally don’t care if anyone is masc or fem because at the end of the day we all still like men. I know others share the same views and those that don’t are straddling along the lines of what some of our black heterosexual brethren think of us.

        As far as I know, black gays don’t see black heterosexual couples in public and turn their noses up at them or send strong vocal slurs of damnation at them for doing so..They also don’t gang up and jump straight men and women because they don’t think its right.

        We just recently are now able to not being fired for being gay and that is only if you can prove you were fired for being gay.

        I, however did group gay and heterosexual black/brown Americans together though when I said our community needs to look from within.

        I may like dick, he may likes pussy, she may like dick & pussy…but that doesn’t matter. We just need to come together, get off this “white man” & who’s tha real “coon” agenda and come together for things that matter.

        Let’s start within and branch out.

  11. Stacey Dash really changed a lot! She used to be very beautiful, but now she looks so old….. Please don’t make this into a mixed issue okay. She’s Mexican and black, if this was a mixed issue then she would be more on the Mexican side.. In my opinion, she’s like this because she been fucked by too many white dicks that it screw up her brain.

  12. If she keeps it up she’ll have to start picking on her other half(Mexican)

    Sorry for coming at you sideways the other day Jamari. Now that I’ve thought about it more, you were right. I overreacted, as usual.

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