stacey dash wants to come back home because she realizes it’s cold and lonely out there

they always come back.
whether they ghosted,
broke your heart,
destroyed the friendship,
thought you were gonna be a nobody,
or completely cooned out,
they always find a way back.
“the assholes” fail to realize life has a way of humbling you.
the grass is truly never greater on the other side.
it might look great over the fence to the assholes,
but it legit be astroturf once they get over there.
stacey dash thought she was doing herself a favor selling out to the republican party.
remember her antics when she was full maga?

guess what?…

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Stacey Dash Tries To Be “Ethnic” Again

you know what moment when an ex,
or even a ex-friend,
realized they fucked up and wants to come back in your life?
so they try little ways to show they want back “in”.
don’t front like some of us don’t fall for the bait.
stacey dash might want to come back to “us”.
she is starring in a very ethnic movie with dame dash,
who happens to be her cousin.
it was executive produced by kanye west.
it’s called “honor up” and well…
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Stacey Dash Gets A Boot Print on Her Tail

bad shit can happen to good or bad folks.
it all depends on what your definition is of what/who is good or bad.
this is why it’s best not to burn bridges when shit is going well.
you never know when you’ll take a tumble off your high horse.
meet the latest to take a well deserved tumble.
stacey dash was let go from fox news via global grind
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Stacey Dash Wants To Take Out The President For Trump


Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.26.09 PMsquatters tho?
“got your back?”
she should know trump ain’t even gonna listen to her with that ghetto girl talk.
i keep asking myself when it comes to stacey dash if it has really come to this?
she is trying way too hard,
but i guess if it pays the bills and keeps her semi-relevant.
sadly she will be a joke after this is all said and done.

lowkey: michelle looks like she would work her out.
stacey don’t want it.

Stacey Dash Thinks Jesse Williams Is The Big Bad Wolf

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.24.47 PMwhat is going on with stacey dash?
is it mental illness?
sudden dose of rabid attentionista she can’t rid of?
she is so negative and bitter against her own kind.
what did “we” do to her?
it’s funny,
but last night i said to self:

i wonder what stacey dash thinks of what jesse’s speech?”

well i got my answer from a news source and a foxholer.
look at what she said to say via the new york daily news
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Is Stacey Dash “No Black Everything”?

85365cb49abec7a20ac6d430d576c31ci use to think stacey dash was so beautiful.
nowadays i think she is a raging dumbass.
what happened to her?
did she get jumped by some sistas?
did some black wolf do her wrong?
i’m lost with the left turn she made in life.
look at what she said in regards to jada pinkett smith
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