Stacey Dash Tries To Be “Ethnic” Again

you know what moment when an ex,
or even a ex-friend,
realized they fucked up and wants to come back in your life?
so they try little ways to show they want back “in”.
don’t front like some of us don’t fall for the bait.
stacey dash might want to come back to “us”.
she is starring in a very ethnic movie with dame dash,
who happens to be her cousin.
it was executive produced by kanye west.
it’s called “honor up” and well…

in her small defense,
the movie was made in 2015.
it had a few delays,
but it’s gonna be released february 2018.
the movie looks like a “netflix and chill/bootleg” special,
but she was still a blockhead in 2015.
her cancellation is not up for review…

she got the one way special to siberia with chrisette michelle and tina from “mary mary”.
ain’t no coming back from those depths.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Stacey Dash Tries To Be “Ethnic” Again”

  1. I’ll pass. To think I crushed HARD on this chick back in the day when she starred in Mo’ Money with Damon Wayans. LOL

    1. Not the Lawyers Stacy, did they just happen to catch you walking down the street and got you accidentally on the Iphone they filmed this movie with. I guess she still has some clout in Conservative/Fox News Circles when they need a Coon to co-sign some crazy Black theory they cook up and of course Stacy is always willing. I guess this role will not be to her new fan-base liking.

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