When You’re Sent “Yo Boo: Kellon Deryck” For Lunch

the foxhole knows me so well.
you guys know how to cheer me up.
kellon deryck‘s package.
not exactly.
so kellon is making bigger moves in these forests.
he had a whole interview with bet and well…

…and to think,
we have followed him on his journey with the foxhole.
this is what happens when you follow your dreams.
hard work and a lot of focus.
i’ll never forget when he posted about his “point break” story on his ig.
that point when he broke the fuck out to start his own.
now he is a success story and he has gotten much more handsome.
i’ll allow kellon…
until he starts getting insufferable with the bragging on ig.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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