Dame Dash Outs Lee Daniels

this is why i don’t like borrowing money from anyone.
i owe karaoke some money,
and as soon as i get on all paws,
she is getting that money back with the quickness.
when you have long money like lee daniels,
2 million should be easy to pay someone back.
well dame dash has something to say about that.
there is a video with dame pressing lee for the 2 mill he owes him.
this is what dame posted on his ig
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Stacey Dash Tries To Be “Ethnic” Again

you know what moment when an ex,
or even a ex-friend,
realized they fucked up and wants to come back in your life?
so they try little ways to show they want back “in”.
don’t front like some of us don’t fall for the bait.
stacey dash might want to come back to “us”.
she is starring in a very ethnic movie with dame dash,
who happens to be her cousin.
it was executive produced by kanye west.
it’s called “honor up” and well…
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Jay Z Stanning For Miley Cyrus?

tumblr_m17dnfPzV61r2dtiwo1_400i love hova.
my bk homie.
he’s one of the respected rappers turned wolf moguls today,
but he’s confusing my foxi spirit with this “miley cyrus” stanning.
he sat down with angieee @ hot97 to talk about “twerk miley miley twerk”.
plus some beyonce, obama, and dame dash stuff…

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