Jay Z Stanning For Miley Cyrus?

tumblr_m17dnfPzV61r2dtiwo1_400i love hova.
my bk homie.
he’s one of the respected rappers turned wolf moguls today,
but he’s confusing my foxi spirit with this “miley cyrus” stanning.
he sat down with angieee @ hot97 to talk about “twerk miley miley twerk”.
plus some beyonce, obama, and dame dash stuff…


you know that isn’t an authentic image.
she ain’t even know you about a couple years ago.
sadly this attention won’t make her shut up.
either way i liked the interview.
i like jay’s swagg.
he stays out the spotlight heavy,
but when he comes out to promote,
he is so smooth with it.
here is summo:

okay i forgive you,
but damn no blog reading jay?

*scratches jay off possible lurker on my site*

lowkey: he also joins the real bad gal rihanna
for budweiser’s “dreams are made” music campaign:

that’s it.
i feel like making a trillion.
lets do it.

tumblr_lluimlwImE1qdfoseo1_500 x go to jay z website

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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