Aaron O’Connell Can Also Get My “Haves” and “What’s Nots”

Aaron-OConnellam i the only one who thinks this snow wolf is fine?
i would definitely put him on my trophy case.
who is he you ask?
his name is aaron o’connell.
he plays wyatt on haves and haves nots.
good job tyler p for the casting for this show.
aaron is also a model (jockey, lucky, etc) before this sudden acting fame:

he is CLEARLY shy about his body.

x see more photos here

x see even more photos here

i love his chest and cheeks.
the way he wears his clothes on the show:

thumbs-upif he (and tyler lepley) keep on being randomly shirtless,
i’ll keep on watching.
thank you aaron.

lowkey: i missed this week’s episode,
but i’ll watch tomorrow.

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x see his resume

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Aaron O’Connell Can Also Get My “Haves” and “What’s Nots””

  1. You are not alone. He is gorgeous. All three young dudes in the cast can get it. That Benny….(passes out)

  2. How does tyler perry keep scouting these talent to the show. Every tyler perry movie/ply features some hottie.. He looks soo southern in a cook me homemade dinner with “buhheter and ahwl” and massage me kind of way, good .

      1. NOPE. Aaron didn’t really do anything in that commercial, but give sex appeal. Tyler knows everyone knows he’s gay. I wonder if he sleeps with any of the actors he hires.

        1. ^people were saying that in how he discovers his talent.

          x see full episode

          ^tyler sued adult swim because of this show.
          allegedly one of his scorned workers went and told aaron mcgruder everything.
          tyler isn’t really a hard nut to crack.
          no pun intended.

          this is all alleged.

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