Josh Harris Caused A Rush of Blood To My Head

joshharriswhen i want something,
i get it.
i featured these two pre baller wolves yesterday,
but i wanted to know who daddy on the left was?
foxholer CJ left a name in the comments.
“joshua harris”.
welcome to the foxhole meat locker josh…

6896e2d7a0957366f34d6f236eeda6a7tumblr_mb756yYObo1qmfh3w he is straight,
but who gives a fuck?
josh plays for wake forest,
but is originally from texas.
you know how i feel about the wolves from texas...

x puttin a beatin on something

josh is looking real nicccccceeeeeeee in these streets.
is it bad if i said if i met a wolf who looked like that,
i’d have constant lock jaw?

tumblr_m8t6xs0GNF1qb2xnoo1_500may even swallow.
depends on if he was a bad boy or not.

lowkey: i liked this inspirational video from him:

look at what god created.

Author: jamari fox

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