we need to protect black male masculinity

when controversial moments in pop culture happen,
it really helps gauge the thought process of those around us.
a lot was revealed when chris brown beat up rih and the secret trump supporters that were around me.
as you know,
lnx is a hot topic in these forests these days.
he has everyone giving an opinion or writing a think piece.
oh hi,
I’ve written 2 so far.
a foxholer sent me a tweet from an ex-baller wolf,
josh harris.
i thought he was fine and intelligent but his ignorance blew me away today.
was this tweet directed towards lnx?…

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Josh Harris Caused A Rush of Blood To My Head

joshharriswhen i want something,
i get it.
i featured these two pre baller wolves yesterday,
but i wanted to know who daddy on the left was?
foxholer CJ left a name in the comments.
“joshua harris”.
welcome to the foxhole meat locker josh…
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