stacey dash wants to come back home because she realizes it’s cold and lonely out there

they always come back.
whether they ghosted,
broke your heart,
destroyed the friendship,
thought you were gonna be a nobody,
or completely cooned out,
they always find a way back.
“the assholes” fail to realize life has a way of humbling you.
the grass is truly never greater on the other side.
it might look great over the fence to the assholes,
but it legit be astroturf once they get over there.
stacey dash thought she was doing herself a favor selling out to the republican party.
remember her antics when she was full maga?

guess what?…

“Clueless” actor-turned-controversial political pundit Stacey Dash has apologized for her past offensive comments, claiming she’d “lived her life being angry” but “that’s not who Stacey is now.”

Dash, who frequently stirred outrage with her hot takes during her two-year stint as a commentator for Fox News, acknowledged in an interview with Daily Mail TV released online Wednesday that her opinions often were “arrogant and prideful and angry.”

“But that’s not who Stacey is now,” she declared. “Stacey’s someone who has compassion, empathy.” 

In her interview with Daily Mail TV, Dash makes the case that she’s overcome the rage that was destroying her. 

“I’ve lived my life being angry, which is what I was on Fox News,” she said. “I was the angry, conservative, Black woman. And at that time in my life, it was who I was. And I realized in 2016 that anger is unsustainable and it will destroy you. And you know, what people don’t know is that I made a lot of mistakes because of that anger.”

“There are things that I am sorry for,” Dash acknowledged. “Things that I did say, that I should not have said them the way I said them. They were very arrogant and prideful and angry. And that’s who Stacey was, but that’s not who Stacey is now. Stacey’s someone who has compassion, empathy” and “would never work at Fox” or another news network.

if trump got a second term,
would she even be doing this?
then again,
she got her national negress wake-up call after fox news had no more use for her.
i find that all the trumpettes are changing their tunes since their fearless leader has been banished.
get it?
changing their tunes?

Will The Foxhole welcome back Stacey Dash from up out the cold?

they always wanna come back when they realize they don’t have anyone else.
this panini has been the wake-up call for many tbh.
i’m good on her coming back.
i find the sellouts of our community love coming back once they realize they aren’t white.
i’m sure someone(s) in the community is gonna welcome her back with open arms tho.
some of us tend to be extremely forgiving.
as for me:

article cc: the huffington post

11 thoughts on “stacey dash wants to come back home because she realizes it’s cold and lonely out there

    1. The clueless hankyhead from…you know. Clueless!

      I guess laying hands on her ex-White husband didn’t turn out to tell either. GAG!

  1. She can take the black skin she decided to slap outta herself and shove it up her coon ass.

  2. No. Sellouts, coons, collaborators, whatever you call them, are dangerous. Why? Because as soon as White supremacists need them, they’re ready to sabotage us again, FROM THE INSIDE. They’re basically sleeper agents. Keep the apology!

    1. ^absolutely agree.

      she cannot be trusted.
      cubic zirconia and polyester can’t be trusted.
      the short one who was dancing at the maga gathering can’t be trusted.

      1. Cubic zirconia and Polyester released my soul from my body! They’re opportunists. They go to whatever side is winning. Can’t be trusted for sure!

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