prince william says racism don’t run in that royal family

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i’m still rolling my eyes at meghan markle telling me she never researched this royal family.
i can’t get with naivety like she was a young princess diana,
who grew up in a time that didn’t have a google.
they were writing letters BY HAND around that time.
as you know,
or didn’t,
meghan spoke out to oprah about the racism she experienced while being in the kingdom.
the queen made her statement:

prince william was out and about and they asked him about the recent accusations from meghan…

after watching “the crown” on netflix,
i don’t believe a word these folks have to say.
i wonder if they’ll get a few black pets for damage control?

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7 thoughts on “prince william says racism don’t run in that royal family”

  1. I would love to hear Megan’s momma opinion on the royal family. I would like to know did she ever feel uncomfortable or like she wasn’t wanted around them at any point.

  2. European royals were cannibals and the castle was built by slaves. Stop it.

    Nobody likes talking about the European cannibalism of Africans, yet they say we were the savages. From Monrovia to Belgium chocolate candies shaped in the hands of Congo slavepeople whose hands were cut off. White people in Europe did more heinous evil than they did in America, especially in the Caribbean. This is documented.

  3. It is the same with some white people who “Really believe that they aren’t racist” due to “White Privilege” and “ignorant” of what “Racism” and “Oppression “ truly is .The Royal Family of Windsor is “UBER PRIVILEDGED”!!! They may have believed that by “Allowing” Harry to Marry this half Black woman and traveling the world shaking hands with the Black, Brown, and Yellow subjects of their Commonwealth that they are open minded .

    Like the above gentleman [ Seli ] wrote” The Rape and cannibalism of Africa By the British and other Europeans speaks volumes . I hope this sad incident opens the Royal’s Eyes like the many whites who experienced a shift due to George Floyd’s Murder!!

    Some people must see it with their own eyes . If they genuinely love Harry and feel that he is indeed being honest they will reevaluate themselves .

  4. It is so richly delusional of William to make that declaration. The current British Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth and descendants are more German than British. Many in that family supported Nazism and advocated in the deaths of six million Jewish people. In addition the Commonwealth has pillaged the colonies they were/ are slavers to of many of it’s precious minerals. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires were and are still aplenty in the so called colonies under the Crown. William forgets they treated his Mom, Princess Diana like shit. The Duke & Duchess of Windsor, like shit. Sarah Ferguson like a dung hill. Guess what Duke Harry & Duchess Meghan, join the club, you are in good company.

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