Stacey Dash Gets A Boot Print on Her Tail

bad shit can happen to good or bad folks.
it all depends on what your definition is of what/who is good or bad.
this is why it’s best not to burn bridges when shit is going well.
you never know when you’ll take a tumble off your high horse.
meet the latest to take a well deserved tumble.
stacey dash was let go from fox news via global grind

Fox News won’t have their “Black girl” to kick around anymore. The conservative network made the decision not to renew Stacey Dash‘s contract for the new year, leaving her with no soapbox on which to spout her Republican rhetoric.

Dash has been a commentator on the network since 2014, and in that time has taken shots at everything from Barack Obama to Black Lives Matter to the BET Awards. Stacey’s seemingly endless disdain for liberals and Black issues, in particular, came in handy for Fox News when it was trying to expand its audience, but it seems like Stacey might have come up short. She has, however, provided plenty of fodder for Black Twitter over the years.

the crazy part about this is she burned so much bridges,
who is going to hire her now?
they didn’t even know who she was when she did this skit:


Is she about to be full on doomed?

she can join chrisette in looking for work.

lowkey: this reads so much like “what you reap you sow“.

article taken: global grind

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Stacey Dash Gets A Boot Print on Her Tail”

  1. They used her to denigrate blacks, latinos, democrats and others. Then proceeded to dump her after they got what they wanted. No sympathy

    1. ^she thought she would be saved because she was half white with light eyes.
      trump got in office and they dropped her with the quickness.
      even stevie wonder could have seen that trap from a mile away.

      1. Actually she is half Mexican half Coon. Now she won’t even get to play a teenager no more. Poor Baby! On another note being a “Sambo” was the only way she was ever gonna get on the Oscars unless she was screwing a leading man. Just being honest.

      2. Aye man you know this broad was not all there after she got the boot from single ladies. She mess up a perfect combination. Two of the baddest black women and a white girl. Dudes would have watched just to see them stand there and she blew it.

    1. Christian I use to have the biggest crush on her too. Stacey got exactly what she deserved. I have no sympathy for her at all. Too bad she can’t go back to making d list black movies anymore.

  2. She betta take her ass down to the Welfare! I have seen this kind of Cooning in real life while working. The whites in management used this Black women to get rid of another Black woman promising her a management position. They did move her to a temporary management position, only to cut it less than a year later. The other Blacks on the job stop fooling with her and the whites had no use for her after she accomplished their mission. Black people dont understand that white people do not trust you when you down your own and sell out your own people, they know you can be easily manipulated so they will never fully trust you to handle anything of significance for them other than trying to control other Black people. They used Stacy and threw her out like trash and no one in Black America cares and she can rest assured DeWhites aint checking for an old washed up actress, I hope Sheriff David Clarke is next, I am going to enjoy seeing him getting his Black Wake Up Call. Coons beware, white America has no more use for you now that Trump is in office, they can be openly racist and dont need you to help advance their agenda like they did when Obama was in office.

  3. They tossed her ass to the side like trash and I am glad of it. Stacy better not dare try to come back to our side because we have nothing to talk about with her sellout ass.

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