Chrisette Michele’s Hypeman Tells Spike Lee How He Feels

you gotta be careful who your “hypeman” is.
it could either be a friend,
or your s/o,
but the wrong hyena or jackal could have you out here looking crazy.
well chrisette michele’s hypeman happens to be her wolf,
doug ellison.
after spike lee banished her work from his project,
this is what he retweeted from her twitter via baller alert

oh it gets better foxhole.
he decided to do more in the comments:

sidebar foxhole:
this is the alleged wolf that she had to sue before.
he use to be her manager and they had some issues with money.
she took him to court,
but ended up dropping the case.
he decided to sue her for 20 million dollars.
a lot of back and forth with these two.
years later after missing each other,
they ended up getting back together.
he is “the fiance” now.

am i the only one thinking he is a double agent?
something is up.
they already burning bridges and the check ain’t even cleared yet.
i bet you he feels entitled to this trump money.
they say pussy can be the downfall for wolves,
but it seems “the hypeman fiance” is gonna be the downfall for this vixen.

lowkey: i feel like shit like this really ends up being a lack of common sense.
they gonna be a real cute couple once they broke.

x read more about their past issues here

x read about him suing her

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Chrisette Michele’s Hypeman Tells Spike Lee How He Feels”

  1. Something ain’t adding up with these wolf, he has to have good dingaling for her to be making these dumb decisions.

  2. Smh..Chrisette just stop. After she gave a stupid response to why she sang at the inauguration she should have just let it go and focused on trying to fix her career. But noooo she had to tell everyone what her “fiancĂ©e” said and cause more controversy. Just hang it up girl

  3. Birds of a feather. He uses the same language the racists who support Trump use in his clap back on IG. “When the same Trupm cuts your ignorant ass off public assistance..”

    Further perpetuating/endorsing the MYTH that black women (the bulk of Chrisette’s fanbase), are out looking for government handouts. It’s disgusting.

    Wow, and she JUBILANTLY retweets it. He used the SAME language, the same stereotype, that RACISTS use to condemn another black woman. Those racists are the same people who voted for Trump….and he’s showing us exactly why he and Chrisette were at that ball.

    She just spit on her fans. Fuck her.

  4. I am not understanding….. screw the inauguration, this fool married a man that sued her!? What in the fiery hell is that about?!?! That don’t make no sense! Can someone from the Fox Hole explain it to me? This is chick is missing the fruit in her gottdamn loop!! Ya’ll .. ok this was not her fault she slow.

    1. Ok this falls in that category of things I wish I did not know about somebody. Cause this type of Idiocracy truly makes me lose respect for a person.

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