Odell Beckham Jr Would Only Be Worth 34 Dollars In An Auction?

there is so much shit regarding racism going on in the news now.
i can’t.
out of all a f-bi sent me,
this is the only one i could stomach.
so how much do you a snow wolf would pay for odell beckham jr?
what about antonio brown?
well espn had a “fantasy auction sketch” that came off like a…
well check it out…


it is giving me a real “get out/wear all red” type of situation.
someone asked odell what he thought on twitter:

i would be too,
but everyone saw what happened to colin kaepernick.
i always thought the nfl draft was like a slave auction anyway.
whites trading sturdy black wolves to make them money.

i mean…

lowkey: espn should be ashamed of themselves.
does this make anyone else sad?

10 thoughts on “Odell Beckham Jr Would Only Be Worth 34 Dollars In An Auction?

  1. This was definitely disturbing for sure. I cannot even describe how mad I am that this even happened. Like what were they thinking?

  2. Hmm, who should I feel sorrow for? Actual slavery auction in Libya or football players who get paid millions. This is a tough choice! I mean one is living in a luxury mansion while the other is somewhere in a prison-like basement waiting for death.

  3. I could care less. These black NFL players dominate the league and could’ve made a statement in multiple ways, but chose not to.

    You’re just a rich slave with Stockholm syndrome.

    1. I gotta co-sign with Jay on this one.
      These dudes make this money (albeit it’s not guaranteed money like NBA/MLB) but they act like they’re afraid to speak up. Colin took a stand for something he believed in, and all the others just stood back and did/said nothing. They know these owners don’t give two shits about them and will kick them to the curb when they are no longer useful/productive for them.

  4. They (NFL), use these guys up and then get rid of them. I prefer college football, they’re the ones who should be paid!!

  5. Yes, sadness turning into constructive anger; it will DEEPLY pain me, but I might have to forgo following the NFL this season…this typ’a shit along with Kaepernick still jobless is RIDIC!

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