“OMG” I’m “Sorry, Not Sorry”

i’m not a fan of camila cabello,
but ^that single cover for “omg” is smooth.
i love the vibe it’s giving me.
so it seems all the pop starlets are merging into “trap n b”.
camila’s song for “omg” feat. quavo came on my spotify today…

…and i’m shocked i was shakin my ass in my chair.
this shit sounds dope.
to me anyway.
demi lovato “sorry, not sorry” is a bop too:


even though i wouldn’t stream a full album for these two,
i appreciate their “bubble gum trap” efforts.

8 thoughts on ““OMG” I’m “Sorry, Not Sorry”

  1. It’s so crazy how popular music has shifted back toward R&B/Hip-Hop. For years, black artists would have to make a pop record to appeal to the masses. Now, white artists have to make an R&B/Hip-Hop record and/or collab with a rapper to make a hit.

  2. I don’t like either of these songs. Camila should’ve stayed her ass with Fifth Harmony…I don’t see a successful solo career for her. I could be wrong…but I don’t think so. LOL

    I feel Demi took a step backwards with this one. I liked Cool For The Summer and Confident.

  3. Quavo doing his thing he on everybody shit and is not scared to take risk he on individuals shit you wouldn’t think he be on and he sexy and his voice is unique so he sounds like no one else ain mad at him

  4. I like Camilla’s song because I like MIgos music (even though I won’t buy it) but I can’t get into Demi’s song.

  5. Unfortunately, I do like the Camila song, even though I don’t like her. Demi’s song is good too, but not better than Cool for the Summer (a Katy Perry song) or Body Say. Demi has the vocals but her material needs/ can be much better.

  6. The album are is dope but when I played this song for the first time a few days ago I could barely get through it. Give me H.E.R. Over this any day.

  7. Eh, I’m not impressed. Pop stars have to make more memorable songs than this to have staying power. These songs could’ve been given to anyone.

    Now I was VERY surprised by Kesha’s current album. The girl is talented and she can actually sing. I’ll even go as far to say she seems more authentic than Lady Gaga.

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