demi lovato is exhausted with her pronouns and we are exhausted with demi lovato

i called this with demi lovato.
i just felt in my foxy senses this wasn’t gonna last.
nothing really lasts with demi if you pay attention to her.
demi is exhausted of being “they/them“.
demi is back to “she/her” because…

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demi lovato has new pronouns to share with us

i’ll be 100 with you:

Demi Lovato’s past albums were awful.

their singles >
those albums use to have a shit ton of misses on them.
something wasn’t connecting with them and their music for me.
that last album “dancing with the devil the art of starting over” tho <
that’s them.
i have been hooked on that album like it was crack.
this is my fav song off that joint:

demi always struck me as someone who didn’t truly know themselves.
it reflected all in the music tbh.
they seem to be finding their footing because…

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demi lovato isn’t “sober” anymore

you just never know.
it guess it can kinda explain why she is so allegedly mean.
so demi lovato was rushed to the hospital today.
she had an alleged od.
every news source blew my phone to smithereens about it.
this is what tmz had to font
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“OMG” I’m “Sorry, Not Sorry”

i’m not a fan of camila cabello,
but ^that single cover for “omg” is smooth.
i love the vibe it’s giving me.
so it seems all the pop starlets are merging into “trap n b”.
camila’s song for “omg” feat. quavo came on my spotify today…
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Demi Lovato Shows How (Un)Grateful She Is To A Fan!

tumblr_ltabep9s4p1qkgx0ydemi lovato claims she was bullied growing up.
she said it resulted in her self esteem issues,
but why did she become an rude bitch because of it?
i was absolutely disgusted with the following story.
so an artist and fan,
by the name of @vladyart,
decided to draw demi as a mermaid.
it was all with good intent,
i’m sure.
he @’d her the finished product and this was demi’s response via baller alert
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“Cool For The Summer”: The DL Anthem?

demi-lovato-cool-for-the-summer-single-ftreven tho summer is pretty much over,
i got put onto this song rather late.
its called “cool for the summer” and its sung by demi lovato.
now the beat is what had me open,
but as i was listening to the lyrics on the way to work…
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