demi lovato has new pronouns to share with us

i’ll be 100 with you:

Demi Lovato’s past albums were awful.

their singles >
those albums use to have a shit ton of misses on them.
something wasn’t connecting with them and their music for me.
that last album “dancing with the devil the art of starting over” tho <
that’s them.
i have been hooked on that album like it was crack.
this is my fav song off that joint:

demi always struck me as someone who didn’t truly know themselves.
it reflected all in the music tbh.
they seem to be finding their footing because…

Demi came out as non-binary and will be addressed as “their/them”

i say kudos to them as they continue to heal and find themselves.
only they know what’s good for them.

lowkey: on ig,
you can put the pronouns that best represent you on your ig profile.
go to edit profile < pronouns
i am he/him.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “demi lovato has new pronouns to share with us”

  1. I find this very attention seeking and wanting to be “marginalized”. You see it with white women and their evil feminism that excludes Black women.

    You see it with white gays acting like homohobes make them know what it’s like to be Black.

    And other minorities that don’t help us, but want help when WE start EVERY civil rights movement and they benefit more than we do.

    I think “they” is insanely stupid as it it used to describe MULTIPLE PEOPLE.

    I just call people their name and leave it at that. It’s the most and for trans people I find it especially confusing. You claim to be the other gender and heterosexual, but now want all of these extra pronouns? Are you a straight woman or man or not?

    And just because she speaks Spanish does NOT make her a minority. She’s white. Spain is white people. People stay acting like speaking Spanish makes you less white.

  2. After that yoghurt store incident, it’s hard to take this Karen serious. Why is it when white folks fuck up, they come back with some disingenuous way to try and distract from the fact they are a complete and utter fuck up.

  3. They is so talented but they really irritates me. Every week it’s something. They have had more comebacks and documentaries than anyone.

    1. Yep, she is an attention whore and will say anything to get people talking. Plus I don’t think she is a good person. I guess good for them for coming out, but I don’t believe anything she says anymore.

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