you are comfortable with settling and it has you in the same spot

there was a time in my life where i was cool with settling for a wolf.
in those important “seeing if we are compatible” stages,
i wanted to be the ultimate fantasy to date or fuck.

“I want someone who will suck my dick every morning and let me fuck every night.” – wolf 1

“Yup! That’s me.”

“I only want to be in an open relationship.” – wolf 2

“I’ll do it!”

“I want to date both you and my current girlfriend.” – wolf 3

“That won’t be a problem!”

or one of my past favorite lines that never was me:

“I’m not looking for anything serious like you are either.”

…when i actually was,
but that phrase sounded better so i could be picked over the others who wanted him.
it was all a “no bueno” for me,
but like a job,
i simply agreed so i wouldn’t be single.
like the jobs,
i end up not being with those wolves long term either.
i’ve been having thoughts on the great settlers on the relationship plains

Why do we think settling will keep us happy in the long run?


there is really no benefit in settling or hiding what we want/don’t want in relationships.
it may end up with us getting the person we want,
but it will lead to months/years of wasted time,
blown-out butt holes,
and incurable diseases as we sacrifice ourselves.

We end up being placeholders until their ultimate fantasy takes him off our hands.

we’ll look back and wonder why we even did it in the first place.

there are males who are “straight” in relationships with vixens.
due to their own insecurities about their sexuality,
they “play” the game to appear like the perfect straight couple.
as time goes on and the same male gets filled with hatred,
he either starts abusing the vixen OR fuckin’ his ultimate fantasies in the same sex.

What would have happened if he didn’t waste his or her time from 21 Jump Street?

they both would have found what they were truly looking for.

i’m realizing i don’t have time to waste any longer.
either with males or jobs,
i’m tired of settling just to say i have something.
i become steadily unhappy and it starts to affect my overall health.
the issue is when you’re comfortable with settling,
it hard to change your ways.
we just want to be accepted,
or hired.
it’s all to say we have found success.
with time tho…

It’s time for some of us to be more honest with ourselves.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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