chrissy teigen has gotten canceled and the sympathy is nowhere to be had

i was waiting for chrissy teigen to put her foot in her mouth.
i knew it was coming.
i don’t know how john legend deals with her,
but she is legit one of the most annoying people in hollywood.
she has gotten herself canceled for being the unapologetic loud mouth.
so chrissy teiegn left twitter in march because she was being bullied,
but karma has revealed she was a bully to courtney stodden when she was a teenager.
courtney was made famous at 16 when she married a 50-year-old actor.
chrissy decided to launch these tweets at courtney for whatever reason…

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…and courtney alleges chrissy told her to kill herself in dms.

Did they go after the male in this story or just Courtney?

who had all these new business deals in the works,
got dropped on her ass like a hot potato:

Bloomingdale’s is reportedly the latest retailer to distance itself from Chrissy Teigen in the wake of cyberbullying accusations from model Courtney Stodden.

Page Six reported that Bloomingdale’s was set to sign a contract with Teigen but decided against it on Monday due to the recent press the model and cookbook author has received.

Bloomingdale’s is owned by the same company as Macy’s, which reportedly removed its Teigen-branded Cravings by Chrissy Teigen cookware line. Previously, reports claimed Target dropped Teigen from a deal, but the retailer later indicated its partnership with her previously ended months ago.

Target released a statement following the reports it had only recently broke off a working relationship with the outspoken celebrity.

The deal with Bloomingdale’s would have also included a promotional event for the store, but that has also been canceled, according to Page Six.

one thing i’ve learned about karma is it’s like points in a rewards program.
as you do fucked up shit to others,
those points rack tf up as you achieve all you desire.
like clockwork,
something happens that conveniently ties into the bad behavior from the past.
it ends up with you getting exposed and headed down the hole of irrelevancy.

Really pay attention to all the people who got their karma.
It always tends to tie into their bad behavior somehow.

it never fails.
that is why they say when you do,
good or bad,
it always comes back to you tenfold.
i think some of us owe some folks an apology (and actually mean it) for how we treated them.
the real question is tho:

Is John gonna separate himself from Chrissy next?

lowkey: you can’t be perfect all the time.
you will get into beefs with people and you may end up being wrong.
when you do spiteful shit and your hands stay dirty tho…

article cc: newsweek

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “chrissy teigen has gotten canceled and the sympathy is nowhere to be had”

  1. Cancel culture is somewhat real but also smoke and mirrors at times. John ain’t going nowhere. They all have money and financial security so this story will blow over and people will forget. Unfortunately our society has a short attention span. So one can be “canceled” and then bounce back at a later time. Now T.I. and Tiny who are facing numerous actual charges and accusations. They’re about to be canceled indefinitely.

  2. Honestly, Chrissy uglass should have been canceled a long time ago. I remember just a few years ago, Chrissy and some tragic looking white woman where on twitter dragging Quvenzhanè Wallis(youngest Oscar nominee in history and also a talented black girl) because apparently they had some project with her, and she demanded they pronounce her name correctly. They even went so far as calling this little black girl a “cunt.” When Twitter went after her, she was dismissive and non-apologetic about it. Chrissy is repulsive and I’ve been waiting for her to get her Karma. John, who apparently is pro-black everywhere but home, should be embarrassed his disgusting wife is out here showing her flat ass and getting canceled left and right but I’m sure he’ll stand by her.

      1. Semi-white lady.
        Honestly, and this is not true of all black guys, but many are pissed with white men /white people because they are not okay with them having their women or allowing them to be as crooked as they are.

  3. Didn’t she lose a baby recently? Whew! Karma is a MF,! What is she famous for anyway? Oh, she’s a former model. John legend could do sooo much better, to me, she acts like one of those “Karen’s “ that think her shit don’t stink, she ain’t even white.

  4. Oh John is just worried about his beard! That’s all he sees in her a nice beard! Lol

    I’m so glad she’s getting cancelled she can finally shut her stupid mouth!

    She’s so annoying and I could not believe the things she said to that Courtney Stodden girl like are you serious?

    It’s so funny to see bullies taste their own medicine! Lol

  5. I bet she has a drug problem. Her behavior is very ” UNHINGED!!!!!”

    John knows it and they will not be together forever.

  6. Speaking of karma, her baby was stillborn just this past year. She really should get introspective and reevaluate herself. She’s gotten too comfy with life and forgot she is promised 𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨!

  7. Happy people don’t consistently spew venom like her. She is unhappy. She is like Tyra. Average girls that were y’all, and got picked up because these designers like ODD looking woman. She was just an ordinary looking woman, now she looks freakish. And, she is not one. She is a beard. She knows it. Just like Kim. Kim was doing a or clean up stunt and ploy. She knew Kanya’s tea.

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