I’m Not A Good Person

i’m kind.
i’m emphatic.
i can be nurturing and loving,
but with all that,
i’m not a good person.
that is a mind blowing statement,
but it’s also a real one.
an honest one.

You ever wonder why the jackal or hyena who did you wrong is winning?

or jackals and hyenas “win” in general?

it’s because they don’t think they are bad at all.

they think they are good and kind folks.
they did “what they had to do”.
you ever talk to someone who is wrong,
and you know was wrong,
but the way they talking,
you would think they was Jesus?

they cheated because they wasn’t happy
they lied because they didn’t want to hurt
they stole because they couldn’t afford it to pay for it
they outed someone because they want to help others

all self absorbed thoughts that make THEM happy.
as crazy as that sounds,
they are moving at a higher vibration.
in their world,
they feel GOOD about what they’re doing.
even villains in movies/tv shows move like that.
they are doing what they need to do to succeed.
that’s why it seems good things always happen to them.
even if they’re life is in the shitter,
they aren’t sitting home wondering:

“I really fucked up insert your name here life.”

YOU are thinking that.
you are the one feeling betrayed and hurt by their actions.
that puts you at a lower vibration,
which means it causes you to attract negativity and bad luck.
it makes you depressed and question who you are.
once i took everyone who hurt me off that pedestal,
and started to stop emotionally hurting myself,
that’s when i started to see good things happening in my life.
i started feeling good about myself and give it all to God/the universe.
in a twist of fate,
that’s when those who hurt me end up reaping what they sow.

that doesn’t happens until you truly move on tho.

(you notice when you move on and glo up,
the jackals and hyenas want to come back…)

we are all flawed beautiful creatures.
life isn’t about being or trying to be seen as good.
if i ask anyone about you,
i will get many versions of who you are.
the good,
the bad,
and the “stay the fuck away”.
no one will always see us as one thing.
don’t put that added pressure on being perfect.
i’m not saying go out there and purposely hurt others,
but always present your best and genuine self.
some will love or hate you for it.
that isn’t your problem.
your problem is to always be at your highest vibration.

Figure out what you need to do to get there

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I’m Not A Good Person”

  1. Nothing but truths in this. You gotta continue being you and put everything else in god’s/the universe’s hands. Those that do wrong to others and are winning just haven’t had their karma come around yet. The thing is it might not happen to them but their love ones and so forth.

  2. This post is speaking to me Jamari, I love it. I recently decided to fall back and focus on my damn self because people out here will run you ragged wit their antics and they think nothing of it. Rather than being the only one stressed out I decided to take the carefree route and do me. Its kinda great lol.

  3. Great post. I often share the sentiments regarding why bad things happen to good people and vice-versa. Glad you gave me some insight on this topic.

  4. Then most of the gay population in California are terrible people then cause you described their fuck boy behavior down to a T

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