how to tell when someone isn’t a good person?

Something came to me and i want to share it with the Foxhole.

if you wanna know if a celebrity,
a potential love interest,
someone else’s new love interest,
or pookie down the block isn’t a good person…

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is it worth being a good person? (survey says nope)

there are people who don’t think cardi b is a good person.
this is why after i saw ^this tweet,
i asked myself:

What is a good person?

if we are looking for some prize for being a “good person”,
you will be highly disappointed.
to some tho,
they love the applause and admiration of being “good”.
it’s how we were trained by parents and/or life.
and video games always had “good vs evil”.
i don’t think people are meant to be good people all the time.
i think all of us are too layered for that.
not only that…

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I’m Not A Good Person

i’m kind.
i’m emphatic.
i can be nurturing and loving,
but with all that,
i’m not a good person.
that is a mind blowing statement,
but it’s also a real one.
an honest one.

You ever wonder why the jackal or hyena who did you wrong is winning?

or jackals and hyenas “win” in general?
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