how to tell when someone isn’t a good person?

Something came to me and i want to share it with the Foxhole.

if you wanna know if a celebrity,
a potential love interest,
someone else’s new love interest,
or pookie down the block isn’t a good person…

If someone you know that has a horrible dating or friend history likes that person,
and fully cosigns or stans for them heavy,
they are usually a beacon to let you know that person ain’t shit.

you know the sayings:

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are.”
“Water seeks its own level.”

“We are often attracted to people who mirror us in some way.”

these folks don’t have the best discernment or a good judge of character.
their past relationships ended in disasters and their friends are always horrible people.
they are always attracted to the wrong people…


so if that person is cosigning a celebrity,
a love interest,
their new love interest,
or pookie from down the block and you feel sus about them,
always look at the past history of the folks in or aorund them

“This person is showing traits of not being a good person so why does my friend/family member/”someone i know” really like them?
What is the driving force behind this?”

you may have your answer.

lowkey: this shadow work shit is really powerful.
i’m realizing the errors in my past ways and others.

2 thoughts on “how to tell when someone isn’t a good person?

  1. It’s gotten easier these days, but the easiest is to see how they act when they’re mad. If they go super low, saying hurtful things they thought that all along. People like to say “I was just angry”. Nah, that was the truth. So if somebody says you don’t deserve your blessings or wishes death, leave them be.

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