which one of these things are different than the other for jonathan majors?

One of the greatest falls in black history.

jonathan majors did alla dis,
tried to change the way we viewed masculinity in america,
only to end up being viewed as the power player of his demise in hollywood.

so his exes all came out with stories of abuse.
jonathan already told me who he was and i chose to believe it.
i’m choosing to believe the type of vixens that he is really into.
these are his alleged exes

emma duncan

maura hooper

grace jabbari

his baby mama

i can’t find her picture but allegedly she is white too.
so its very interesting he is dating:

when his type appears to be white vixens with blue eyes.
these two are still ( x going strong ).
who knows?
he might have gotten scarred by his last relationship that he came back home.
in my head,
i think he is using my vixen as a rebound.
from the allegations,
he might be an abusive asshole so i hope he has found therapy and not Jesus.

x read what his exes had to say about him

10 thoughts on “which one of these things are different than the other for jonathan majors?

  1. I find it interesting that nobody notices the “done dirty by white women/nonwhite women/run back to Black women” pipeline.

    I consider Russel Wilson one of them. His white wife cheated on him and now he’s with Ciara. I do not think Ciara is his type at all.

  2. Never fails! They parade around with these white trophy Barbies but as soon as their asses get in trouble, their asses come flying back to the sistas. The smart sistas have a few caveats and demands in order to deal with that negro’s foolishness.

  3. Will they never learn? Is it me or is it getting worse? Historically, I thought many of the Blacks in entertainment dated Non- Black due to proximity. Humans tend to date who is around them.

    Today there are plenty of Black Entertainers in the same circles ( Example Jay and Bey, etc.). I am not frowning on anyone’s preference , but these Black men keep getting locked up and slandered by these “Becky’s and Karens” and keep going back .

    1. You’re right about proximity. The thing is tho, white ppl place themselves in proximity of money. Blk ppl are taught that there’s some arbitrary pride in trudging thru struggle to be able to say ‘I got it out of the mud’. A white man who basically hates blk ppl would PUSH his daughter to a bm if he’s attached to money. Their privilege has led to them understanding many of the assignments.

  4. Fvck this COON. Disappointed in this self hating Knee Grow. Seems he can’t be without a woman at home that he can fvck. Typical COON, the house boasty Knee Grow who thinks he’s reached the same table as his Massa.

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