allergic reactions and legal representations?

Everyone has an addiction.

some are addicted to shopping.
some are addicted to attention.
some are addicted to dick.
one of my addictions is coffee.
iced coffee,
in particular.
i fuckin’ love iced coffee.
i prefer iced coffee from dunkin rather than starbucks.
i’m not a fan of starbucks.
i ordered a large iced coffee and when i drank half of it

I noticed that it had a chaulky after taste.

of all my years of ordering the same iced coffee order,
i have NEVER had this kind of taste before.
the after taste reminded me of milk of magnesia or something.

So here I am,
thinking a disgruntled employee fucked with my coffee.

shortly after,
i felt my throat start to feel numb.
panic started its countdown.
so i hit up my neighbor and a friend to let them know what was going on,
just in case they find my body slumped over the toilet with a dunkin’ cup in my hand.
i hit up the service i ordered it from so i could build a paper trail.

I don’t play about my paper trails.
I always let someone know something.
My refund for the iced coffee just hit my account.

“Did you take a Benadryl?” my friend asked.

“I read people are suing Dunkin because they change ingredients and don’t tell people,” my neighbor said.

okay so bet.
if i survive this after i take the benny,
i’ll be looking into getting legal representation.
i ain’t even gonna hold you but that benadryl wore me out.
as you can see,
i survived too.
i don’t know what was going on with that iced coffee yesterday.
i just ask that God don’t take away my iced coffee because i’m allergic to something in it now.

i beg of him.

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  1. You better get you some instant coffee and flavored syrups and save a bunch of money and make your own iced coffee!

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