when will we stop trying to get those who hurt us to acknowledge us?

i was posed with a thought after an intense therapy session today,
and even seeing clips of this mo’nique interview on club shay shay

When do we stop?

When do we realize they broke us and don’t care?
When do we cease hoping they see our worth?
When do we understand that he don’t want us?

When do we move forward from that broken friendship?
When do we acknowledge that our parent(s) failed us?

When do we take accountability in our parts that we played too?

i had a chat with a friend today that said something interesting:

“The people who hurt Mo’nique don’t care. They will never apologize to her. She is talking about something and they have continued to live their lives. They are building legacies and Mo’Nique is still telling this story. It’s coming off bitter and shows she has nothing really going on. At some point, she gotta move on with her life. She needs to take accountability for her bullshit too.”

when we look at the hurt we are holding onto,
from jackals or hyenas who have moved forward,
and we are still telling the same story in hopes we are heard by them

We need to realize many of those jackals and hyenas don’t care.

they were sent by the devil to break us,
they succeeded in their mission,
and they moved forward to another victim.
we have to:

Understand we have been hurt
Accept that we were hurt by them
Heal what has been hurt
Become the muthafuckin’ shit so they saw their demonic leader didn’t succeed

it’s like mariah after tommy motolla tried to break her.
we gotta get emancipated for our comeback season.
the trauma can be used for our benefit.
so i guess my next question is we are cheering on monique again.
she is telling her story of how she has been hurt again.
she is speaking for us who have no voice in expressing our hurt again but…

When will someone tell her to stop?

…or will this help her get steps closer to acknowledgement for her closure?

peep the interview:

5 thoughts on “when will we stop trying to get those who hurt us to acknowledge us?

  1. I think her continuing to talk about these things is more about treating us fairly you know black people. Plus it’s alot of people treat people like shit in general and the continuously get away with it. I think she may be over but hopefully the 💩 the next generation eats won’t be so bad.

  2. The problem with Mo’Nique is when do we get back to the funny? Does Mo’Nique have some valid points, sure, but too many people have been putting a battery in her back and at the end of the day she just doesn’t have the juice to go against billionaires like Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey and other millionaires in Hollywood.

    At what point to do we start to acknowledge that some people were right? Hillary Clinton was right when she warned that the Supreme Court was at stake if Donald Trump were to get elected and what happened “Roe V. Wade.” was gone. People told Lauryn Hill that having a child would ruin her career and she choose to have the baby, and I’m sure she loves her child, but her career never recovered. The powers that be have labeled Mo’Nique difficult to work with and she has spent the last 15 years proving them right, I mean “Precious” came out in 2009 since then we’ve been through 3 presidents.

    When I look at Mo’Nique now, I can’t help but wonder how things would’ve turned out for her had she simply done the promotion for “Precious” it seems like she would’ve saved herself a lot of heartache and pain.

  3. This is why we watch FULL interviews and not clickbait. Monique is saying NOTHING different than Viola or Taraji but everyone want to come at her. That’s crazy! And the message was not “how can we get THEM to care”. The message I got was “when will we care enough for ourselves and OUR CULTURE to stop settling for bulls*** and stand up for whats right”. I wonder how many black people told Rosa Parks, during that time, that she should’ve just moved to the back of the bus. We have to do better.

  4. Bless her heart. She is pissed with herself for not going to Cannes FOR HERSELF instead of pretending she was standing up to Lee Daniels. Daniels was a good friend to her. What she really needed at that time was a good agent, instead of a spouse with bad advice. Pity.

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