“how to win friends and influence people” by donald trump

i’m baffled.

What is it about Trump that has folks under his spell?

it cannot be his good looks and charming ways.
this recent tirade he had with jim acosta from “cnn”

“the way you treat people are horrible…”

he reminds me of idiots i’ve had past arguments with.
they’ll try to turn the tables on me for their very own behavior.
that’s when i learned to keep my foot on their neck.
i living in the twilight zone tho?
if this was any other jackal,
they’d be packing their bags to antartica by now.
trump tho….
he can continue to run this country alongside with his minions.
i had to wonder

Where did we as a people go wrong?

lowkey: at least the democrats control the house.
that’s a good sign,

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6 thoughts on ““how to win friends and influence people” by donald trump”

  1. This thing is a fucking embarrassment to the office of the President and the United States along with his fat lying Press Secretary. I am so sick of these racist hateful Republikkkans and their lies and voter suppression. Our country reputation has been ruined beyond repair and to think of all the Politicians in the GOP for years who have preached duty to country are silent while he treats this country like a bull in a fine china shop, destroying everything in its path. I am still hanging my faith on the Universe and Mother Karma that they will make this right, because neither him or his trashy family have ever suffered any consequences for their ratchet behavior. GOP, Republicans, Racist Supporters, Conservatives and the First Family are all TRASH!

  2. This whole shit show is just mind boggling! For people to think this is normal & let it happen is rediculous! I can see other world leaders just sitting back laughing at this clown! We as a nation should be embarrassed! Couldn’t have been me cause I would have unloaded on that mutha fucker that day.

    1. ^ im like you.
      i would have flipped on him for talking to me like a child.

      Why is no one asking him real hard hitting questions???

      he gets so flustered when he is cornered.
      i’m so confused at it all.

  3. THAT was a SAD display all around. Those reporters and journalists should have banded together and just walked out on his ass. He was constantly attacking their profession (yeah he hates every outlet except Fox), and with the attacks on the journalist who asked him about a title he gave HIMSELF…that was just wrong.
    To say HER question was racist, when he himself said he was a Nationalist, that was such a slap in the face. I would have said how is my question racist when at the rally on (enter date) you called yourself a Nationalist? I’m trying to clarify.

    No one holds him accountable for his words/actions, and no one honestly can, but the next two years are about to be CRAZY! People REALLY better get out and vote in 2020, because if they don’t, we are headed for a country that will be even more divided than it is now. Folks are getting emboldened with their actions and words, and I honestly think a tipping point has been reached.

    1. ^this has me very scared for the country and what’s to come,
      it’s like everyone wants to become him with how they think he should act.
      he has allowed people into thinking america is great by being nasty to others.
      it’s really ridiculous.

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