gloomy with a side of election day

another gloomy day in new yawk on election day.
ya know,
it was like this when “that jackal” got elected into office.
i’ll never forget that moment in time.
there was no sunshine on that dreadful day.
i was at work and tired af too.
the results took forever the night before,
but i was trying to stay up to see what was going on.
when i woke up the next morning,
it was plastered all over the tv.


defeated can’t even describe how i felt.
even though new yawk is a “blue” state…

…there was still some of “his supporters” at that one job i worked at.
they were walking around,
smiles on their face
with crisp red ties on.
it was a sad day and the universe reflected that.

It feels the same way today as well

i don’t have a job at the moment,
but the overall vibe is off.
even tho they’ve been really promoting tf outta voting,
you know there is always that twist in this movie called “life”.
i have no expectations,
but still i’m trying to hope for the best.

I’m keeping everything crossed for a postive outcome for us all

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “gloomy with a side of election day”

  1. I hate people who don’t vote, but complain. Makes me want to get violent. Especially my own black people. People fought and died for your right, you take it for granted and now run your mouth?

    1. ^i hear this is a huge turn out today.

      there was a report of there being a hundred or so folks in atlanta standing in line for 3 voting machines.
      i how they don’t turn away.

      1. The governor is erasing registrations of people who haven’t voted recently. I hope Stacy Adams wins when the time comes.

        Andrew Gillum, too. He is letting these white supremacists gave it. The whole state of Florida is a plum fool. Throw the whole state away if he loses.

  2. I’m not expecting Tennessee (where I am) to do anything refreshing like elect the experienced but Democratic candidate for governor or the candidate for senator who was largely responsible for making Nashville the “it” city when he was mayor (also Democratic). I have my fingers crossed for Ayanna Presley, Gillum in FL, and Abrams in GA. I’d love to be able to cast a vote for each of them…One of my friends got into an argument with his brother who believes that voting “is foolish” and that “votes don’t count”. Glad when this day is over as it produces anxiety every time…

    1. ^thanks lyfe!

      the comment section is the heart of the foxhole.
      this is where we have amazing discussions.
      a message board may defeat the purpose!
      thanks for the suggestion!

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