Melania Trump Can Drive A Bus In High Heels

melaniatrump_010616douglasfriedmanyou hear that noise?
listen carefully.
that is the sound of the bus being driven over billy bush,
the ex host of the today show.
he was in that scandal with donald trump from 2005,
where they both were talking reckless about vixens.
well the wife of the donald,
melenia trump,
thinks billy bush egged the whole thing on.
this is a clip of what she said to anderson cooper on cnn
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Even Anderson Cooper Gets Cheated On…

anderson cooper is perfect.

he is handsome,
and is paid as fuck.
he probably can
but of course,
his love life will be the only flaw…

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An Open Letter To Frank Ocean

Mister Ocean.
It is your turn to read something…

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Anderson Cooper Has A Big Announcement

I think Anderson Cooper is fine as hell.
I love a good brain, with my good looks.
He could teach me something,
and I wouldn’t want to vomit in my mouth by his sight.
Well, Anderson has something he wants to tell you….

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