Even Anderson Cooper Gets Cheated On…

anderson cooper is perfect.

he is handsome,
and is paid as fuck.
he probably can
but of course,
his love life will be the only flaw…

Anderson Cooper’s next set of tough questions could be reserved for his long-term boyfriend Ben Maisani after pictures of him surfaced kissing another man.

Maisani, 39, was spotted in a close embrace with a dark-haired, muscle-bound man in a New York park.

The images may come as a surprise to the CNN news anchor after it was reported last month that he wanted to marry his partner as soon as Labor Day.

The wedding rumor came several weeks after Cooper, 45, spoke publicly about his sexuality for the first time, saying: ”The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be more happy.’

There was no hint of upset from Cooper last night who looked typically sharp in a navy suit as he joined other A-listers in New York to watch Beyonce perform at the UN headquarters for World Humanitarian Day.

It is believed that Cooper has been dating Maisani, who owns gay bar Eastern Bloc in Manhattan’s East Village for around three years.

They were encouraged to marry last year by Anderson’s mother, designer Gloria Vanderbilt. She reportedly helped the pair patch up their relationship after they struggled with conflicting work schedules.

Cooper agreed to cut back on trips abroad, while Maisani said he would do fewer night shifts at his bar. Vanderbilt, 88, was also reportedly encouraging the men to adopt a child.

Cooper’s sexuality has long been an open secret in TV circles, but for him to state it publicly was a brave and bold move.

He said he was moved by recent events such as Barack Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage – and hopes his example will put an end to bullying.

The journalist is also one of the most high profile people to come out in recent years, given that he hosts CNN’s ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ and his own daytime TV talk show.


damn shame….
a side of me hopes this is silly

i’m here if you need a getaway driver
ride by his bar real quick with a trunk full of goons.
foxes, get ready!

9 thoughts on “Even Anderson Cooper Gets Cheated On…

  1. These two for sure have an open relationship. Anderson being in the public eye would have done something about it if not. They probably both have something on the side.

  2. sad part str8 people then to forget cheating is a human thing not a gay thing. How many many str8 men have side pieces and society is on the way of accepting it. sad how the world work.

  3. 9/10 they have an open relationship. A LOT of white gay relationships (an black ones involuntarily) are set up that way. Shitty part is the media is just grasping the concept of two men in a relationship but now they more than likely will get wind of how some of them are structured. One taboo on top of another. Its almost like “its bad enough you’re black, you gotta be black AND GAY?” Yea if it come out, it will do nothing for our public image in mainstream media. Will make us look like sex hungry savages. That’s the way it would be spun anyway.

    Anderson is too smart to not know that was going on. He has his side thing too I’m sure.

    1. That’s prime ammunition for those against same-sex marriages too. I find it hard to believe he would come out if he was even suspicious of his bf cheating on him. So either its an open relationship or he’s completely clueless, which I doubt.

      Like I said if people in the late thirties and forties are accepting monogamy may not be realistic, those of us in our 20’s and 30’s may need to take the hint.

  4. Mane Anderson Cooper is sexy as hell. People are slippin lately. Everybody is getting caught cheating. Damn.

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