how to embarrass someone who tries to get your number

i hate those who embarrass others.
in dating,
many will approach us that we aren’t attracted to.
it’s natural and pretty normal to tell your friends about it.
when males i wasn’t interested hit on me,
i use to simply look at star fox (rip):

“star fox…

i fear of rejection so i get it.
it’s hard to approach someone you’re interested in.
with some of low hanging fruit that have approached me in the past,
not once did i ever think of doing the following.
so woke model wolf,
broderick hunter,
posted this on his twitter just now and it made me sick.
it was a she-hyena turning down someone that wanted her number.
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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (66)

i know this type well.
it’s usually a young hood she-hyena.
she got mad pineapples in her spot and her cubs are there.
either one of the pineapples is fuckin’ her,
or they all are,
but it’s def a case for cps.
well meek mill uploaded the following caption:

and this video
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Melania Trump Can Drive A Bus In High Heels

melaniatrump_010616douglasfriedmanyou hear that noise?
listen carefully.
that is the sound of the bus being driven over billy bush,
the ex host of the today show.
he was in that scandal with donald trump from 2005,
where they both were talking reckless about vixens.
well the wife of the donald,
melenia trump,
thinks billy bush egged the whole thing on.
this is a clip of what she said to anderson cooper on cnn
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Same Knife Wha Stab Sheep Stab Fox

i found out of of me (ex) home vixens turned she-hyena has been betraying me.
she has been talking shit about me,
secretly outing me,
telling my business,
and a whole other bunch of foul shit to their friends.
animals i don’t or barely know.
i got it all in a text message from someone i barely know.
the words…
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Ezekiel Elliott Gets Some Post NFL Draft Leakage

042816ezekielelliott.vadapt.664.high.81pre baller wolf turned drafted to the cowboys,
ezekiel elliott,
had everyone talking with his crop top number at the ’16 nfl draft.
the excuse is he wanted to show off his abs.
i don’t mind.
i guess after a celebrating,
he also wanted to beat some easy pussy.
don’t they all?
well he got some alright and it landed on snapchat
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