how to embarrass someone who tries to get your number

i hate those who embarrass others.
in dating,
many will approach us that we aren’t attracted to.
it’s natural and pretty normal to tell your friends about it.
when males i wasn’t interested hit on me,
i use to simply look at star fox (rip):

“star fox…

i fear of rejection so i get it.
it’s hard to approach someone you’re interested in.
with some of low hanging fruit that have approached me in the past,
not once did i ever think of doing the following.
so woke model wolf,
broderick hunter,
posted this on his twitter just now and it made me sick.
it was a she-hyena turning down someone that wanted her number.

what a low down,
bum bitch.
like in all the bummery i’ve witnessed,
that is pretty bummerific.
i’m sorry foxhole.
that was absolutely disgusting.
was it so hard to say:

“thank you,
but i’m not interested.”

walk off with full attitude.
did she have to whip out her phone to film her cruelty?
if he woulda hauled off and molly whopped her,
she woulda been crying and playing victim.
this is her
her name is sofee swindler:


get her TF outta here.
you can be classy and turn someone down.
how she acted was so low income to me.
being like that won’t get your follower count up any faster.

lowkey: she better watch out.
karma is gonna drop kick her ass into embarrassment.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “how to embarrass someone who tries to get your number”

  1. It’s not hard to say ” Sorry but I’m not interested.” or “I’m in a situation”.

    Then she has the nerve to look dirty with smelly weave. Be humble, Bitch sit down.

  2. Much better than “I am sorry but I am not interested” is ”I am sorry but you are not my cup of tea” or even better “I am sorry but I am in a situation that keeps me from giving you my number”. The unstated situation can be many things from “You are not my type” or “I am in a relationship” to “Your breath stinks” or “You’re a man and I am into women”. This unstated situation keeps things polite and doesn’t inflict pain. It is classy!

    1. ^i like that.

      folks need to learn how to turn someone down without being rude or hurtful.
      it’s not even about being corny,
      but it’s about respecting someone enough to let them down gently.

  3. Actually he does look like he can get her number😂😂😂! She don’t know her level. Somebody then pumped her head up. It was a joke by Louis C.K. That comes to mind. He said that he has always looked the way he looked and so you can imagine what his teen years were like. He use to feel bad about it, until this older guy explained something to him. The older fella explained that where you are right now all those people especially the women will eventually get there and honestly they won’t know how to take it. So while he (Louis) has gotten to it and he knows how to move at that level those people who were so I think I am 🔥 start to fall off and can’t accept that it would be party time for Mr. C.K.. That’s a rough way to look at things but as I have gotten old see who will now (come after it) I see that idea holds true. Ol boy in the video gonna glow up and when he do she gonna be still at that level. I hate to say this but this is actually why some black wolf’s go play in the snow. I mean she does not owe him anything not even kindness but when to some black guys that are with white women, this the vibe I get from some of them. Not to say white women dont do this too but still I hope you get my point.

  4. This was painful to read. I have been single for over 5 years and saw Mr. Right at Breakfast yesterday morning. I was eating when he and a friend walked in our eyes met and held. when he went to the counter to add to his order, once more the eyes held. He sat at the next table with his back to me his voice was amazing. they were discussing music. I could not think of a way to meet him, although today I could think of a thousand ways. I have never been shy but I was petrified of making the first move for the very reason you are posting today! Painful rejection.

  5. Ugh and you know what rejection does get easier as you grow to love yourself but it’s still like learning to tolerate the beatings your parents gave you when you were younger, while I can now stand the pain I’m use too, I still do not want to feel it and if I can prevent the beating I will. That’s rejection for me, so I constantly shy away. Also I often have to remind myself that wanting sm1 more attractive than me isn’t right in a sense because I want them why should I be hurt when they don’t want me? Cause it’s obvious most of us want sm1 that’s the full package so if I’m not the full package why should I be seeking it? So I tend to try and be more realistic with whom I want. But also most of us gay men have this similar thought but than were often hit on by these attractive wolves who clearly want it than reject us when we make a move. Like slim etc, stop talking to me, stop staring at me, stop touching the small of my back if you don’t want what I’m serving or if you’re too afraid. Idk men and everyone else is a headache.

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