i’d love charles to be the meat in my salad (inside voice)

do you mind if i take off my shoes for a second to talk about charles?
i just want to get comfortable.

i’ve been wanting to font about charles and look at God…
marvin bienaime posted a thanksgiving preview starring charles.
a foxholer alerted me to the following and well…

in my head,
he’s the thousand island and my foxhole is the salad.
charles is a dream,
isn’t he?
these bts videos i was saving:

it absolutely don’t make no sense.

charles is the wolf of 2018 on the foxhole.
someone bring him to me so he can get his this foxhole flowers.

lowkey: whatever wolf i meet next turns me on as much as charles does.
i want him to be turned on by everything about me as well.
we’ll be both mutually attracted to each other for it to work.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “i’d love charles to be the meat in my salad (inside voice)”

  1. I’m debating which salad should be tossed first – mine or his!!! BOOTY MEAT HEEEYYY!!! (On a side note that towel reveal was a bit of a letdown)

  2. i just had a whole scene in my head from that first video. yeah charles would be my muscle toy for my erotic and sensual desires. a date here and there would be nice but he would know his place LOL.

  3. Charles is definitely a beautiful guy. He’s the kinda straight dude who would make you fall in love even though you only see him occasionally in the elevator or walking downtown during lunch 😄

  4. Damn Damn Damn Marvin knows how to sell whatever he’s selling. One of my bills won’t be getting paid I’m buying whatever digital nude artwork he’s selling.

  5. Okay I had to come back to this post just to look at beautiful Charles again 🥰..

    I follow him on Instagram but unfortunately he doesn’t promote his ‘assets’ very well. Sure, his pics are ok I guess but the heat is definitely on luke warm. All he seems to post are pics with his clothes on or driving his Mercedes while talking about how “blessed” he is… It seems Ms. Gay Face Bienaime does a better job at showcasing Charle’s true beauty.

  6. I need an interview with one of these models. I want to legit know how they get comfortable with shooting these kind of videos and pictures with another man.

    Are they being compensated or is Marvin promising more exposure down the line?

    I believe he’s a voyeur that gets off to this shit lol

    1. I don’t understand that either. These “straight” guys being photographed by gay photographers makes me raise an eyebrow. Photographers like Lee Studios, Ulrich Oehman, Luis Rafael, just to name a few I know of, get these fitness models and bodybuilders to pose for them.

      Speaking with one of the photographers, he said a lot of the guys come to him, because his work is well known. Initially it wasn’t so, but as his work became more and more known within the fitness industry, guy were coming to him. Whether or not they’ve “reciprocated” the favor, we may never know. But I just find that strange that a supposed straight guy has NO problem posing for nude/erotic shots with a gay man behind the lens. But they get upset if guys are looking at them and/or commenting on their pics? GTFOH

      1. As a gay guy in the fashion industry I can assure you that many models see these photographers as their one way ticket to stardom. It isn’t really much about sexuality.. These guys just want to be exposed on a wider platform and they see these photographers as that medium that will carry their fate. Especially if the photographer has a large following and takes relatively good photos, (Marvin has over 100k). They are “attentionistos” as Jamari dubs them

        Sex sells. So if taking a nude photo with a semi-good photographer who has a following convinces them that they will get exposure then they will take it.

        Also, many photographers who take these type of images that exude sexuality & raunchiness happen to be gay. Its not really about the guys going to them because they’re gay, its just that the best photographers just happen to be men. Gay men at that LOL.

        I know I rambled a bit but in a nutshell, these straight men see this as a means of opportunity. Thats usually why they contact these photographers

  7. This Gifs really had me grinning. Idk why but I imagine you doing just that Jamari. Hilarious.

    I’ll give y’all this one. He is indeed a nice look specimen so I’m not gonna pretend my eyebrow didn’t raise when he stuck his tongue out.

  8. No shade but he’s one of the finest men I’ve ever seen… it’s almost unreal lol.

    That face would have up at 6am making fresh biscuits and an entire breakfast feast before this nigga even opened his eyes.

  9. Deceased at some of these comments. He is sexy, but finest man…nah.. In my opinion Brandon P. Bell will spin circles around him….but to be fair I know we all have our different opinions and taste…but I like his body. That skin of his is doing me a favor. Even if it’s a regular gym body..You can tell the guy that shot this has some professional cred…the angles, the lighting.. brings out his skin tone….Almost like he can melt in your mouth.

    But once again I have to go back to the tongue in that video..Shame on me..lol

    And why am I still picturing Jamari rolling on the ground like in that Gif??? 😂🤣😂🤣

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