giving thanks for 2018 (happy thanksgiving)

2018 has been a rocky year,
but i’m extremely thankful for all that i have/going to have.
this is all i’m grateful for…

– my amazing friends and family who stick with me.
the ones who never left my side and always make sure i’m good.

– the foxhole for being such a huge support system for me.
i’m extremely and humbly grateful for everyone who *supports and leaves me love

– all of the good lookin’ males on ig who thirst trap.
thank you for constantly working out and giving the foxhole all to admire

– having a roof over my head,
my bills paid,
and unemployment coming in until i get a new gig

– my talent of writing and expressing myself through word.
may i continue to always have good health and strength to pursue and live my dreams

– the world continues to drag donald trump for all his nonsense.
may no foot ever be let off his neck

– being imperfectly perfect and starting to be okay with that

– all those who did me wrong.
you provided me the life lessons i needed to stay down to earth

– the jobs that ended when and the way they did.
i was protected by a higher force and i may not have realized it yet

happy to be me

i hope you have a great thanksgiving day today!
give thanks to all you’ve been blessed with.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “giving thanks for 2018 (happy thanksgiving)”

  1. Happy Thanksgivin’ bruh!…”everyone who suppress and leaves me love”? U meant “support” I’m assumin’…I hope we ain’t suppressin’ u out here.

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