charles may have a secret (don’t they all?)

it’s going to babe…
so charles is definitely the hot ticket right now.

his salad tossing teaser video has reached 1 million views on facebook.
with this sudden burst of popularity comes a lot of sniffing around.
it’s only natural.
a foxholer sent me the following picture from charles alleged facebook…

it seems like charles might be allegedly married.
i had a feeling something like him would be taken or a serious hoe.
one or the other.

the question was who?
if he’s married,
am i the only one thankful it’s a sista?
you know “types” like charles go for “anything but…”.
1 million+ of us want him naked in our kitchens

…his wife better cover their vows in the blood of Jesus.
i’m just saying.

lowkey: i guess his wife is the photographer in his travel pics,
how did she feel with him naked with marvin?
i have questions.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “charles may have a secret (don’t they all?)”

  1. 1 million views…that is unbelievable. People are so lusty…but you know Jamari this makes me think of something. Imagine converting those views into funds. This seriously makes one consider about having a side hustle for vaction money. It is far too easy to make money from things like this where naked men are involved.

  2. What does Charles being coupled with a “sistah” mean for you as a Gay Black man? I mean why does it matter? If Charlie was gay it would somehow matter to me if he had chosen a black man to be by his side, but I have no horse in this particular race when the man is heterosexual.

  3. I see married couples like them in The South and Midwest all of the time. I’m not sure where Charles and wifey are from, but they both probably have parents who raised them within the COGIC church where you’re as good as dead if you aren’t married by 28. Don’t be surprised if he has cubs. I once attended services at a very large COGIC church in NYC with one of my frat bruhs (who is under 30, DL, and married w/kids) and let me tell you my gaydar pinged that entire morning… along with my Jackd account. Just about all of the young men in there were on the app. I had 87 messages when I left. Bottoms mostly. What I’ve noticed is that many “church” men are passive and youthful whilst their female counterparts are aggressive and matronly; it all goes back to slavery, but that’s too long of a discussion to get into on here: the church is indeed a microcosm of Black-American culture.

    Charles and wifey will likely stay together, she could be his enabler. But I do hope he gets away from Marvin’s scammy ass though.

  4. In the immortal words of The Immaculate Whitney Houston, “SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS!”

    This is hearsay until I see a marriage license. That could be his female family relative getting married and he’s kissing her cheek. This could have been at a bridal catalog photoshoot. Maybe he’s an actor and this is a still from a wedding scene in a play. Stop insinuating negativity this holiday weekend. Please and thank you!

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