Liar! Liar! Your Robbery Story Could Douse Your Career on Fire!

enhanced-buzz-1142-1367424408-19kim kardashian cried when her sex tape was leaked,
was a mess when she divorced kris humphries,
but was calm and collected after allegedly getting robbed.
well a video has been leaked.
not another sex tape.
a video of the french police in the apartment right after this alleged robbery.
you know the one where she was tied up,
screamed frantically for help,
nearly jumped from a balcony like wonder woman,

and feared rape?
that one.
well radar online has the video and well…

she does realize if she is caught lying,
she is pretty much cooked?
no one really believes this story anyway,
but now she is going to look like another “lyin’ lochte”.
i keep asking myself:

Why would she lie about something like this?

it’s not like she was losing steam in her career.
her attentionista ways was still out here garnering attention.
the family was still being their usual annoying,
but strangely successful,
best attentionista selves.
so why do something like this if this happens to be a lie?
i don’t get it,
but others have done worse.
she could:

get out of this unscathed
pretty much be the end of the kardashians as we know it

if she takes a giant “L” for all she pretty much not worked hard for over this…


lowkey: i’m so confused at this story…

video credited: radar online

17 thoughts on “Liar! Liar! Your Robbery Story Could Douse Your Career on Fire!

  1. I don’t know what is going on.I definitely think it is strange that she filed a federal lawsuit against MediaTakeOut because they said she staged the robbery.When I read that on TMZ I thought why sue a site that nobody takes seriously anyway.MTO is like my crack head cousin,nobody believes anything she says anyway so why get bothered if she talks BS about you.But I guess since Kim is a brand she can’t be accused of staging a robbery,that’s a crime.

  2. I really hope she didn’t lie and personally i don’t think she lied, but then again Lochte did lie and i believed him so… But frankly i don’t see why she would lie about that. and tbf jamari you don’t know how a person gonna react in a situation like this. Maybe she already cried maybe she cried after that maybe she didn’t. Nobody knows how he would react until it really happens. I think because this family is annoying as hell kim doesn’t get a fair treatment. People want this to be a lie so bad so they can crush the lardahs that they don’t even consider the fact that it could be very true.

  3. France has had 3 terror attacks in the past 2 years. If she is lying about being robbed and bound at gunpoint by armed militia. IT. IS.A.WRAP. The use of police resources, time and a false police report will be a new low even for Kardashian standards. She and Kanye will be over. Yes, shes already rich and famous but also married to someone who is drowning in debt to the tune of 50 million dollars by his own admittance. I feel she is lying. If this were true, by now should would have had some 20/20 exclusive interview with Barbara Walters about the whole incident, but when your lying there are way too many details to remember especially in a case like this. She’s been unusually silent on this one. This is definitely the year of the Liar and Kim I feel is going to go down in flames for this one, there will be no talking your way out of this once the french legal system is involved.

  4. Honestly don’t know why this is even news but I guess the media worships her like how flies worships shit. This to me is a Lochte moment and the truth will eventually come out. I also think she is claiming the theft of this ring for insurance claim, but I could be wrong but why else is this story concocted? In any case I detest these whores and frankly cannot wait to see their pussies exposed………..AGAIN. ( sips Tea).

  5. In this day n age it baffles me people think they can say/do shit and it not end up on somebody’s security camera/handled device….I knew this was a stunt from the get!

    1. ^it had way too many holes.
      like she broke out of zip ties and duct tape?????
      the way the cops got into the apartment was a whole nother bit of confusion…

  6. Yo What’s really good with all these white people lying this year? Don’t even answer that, they have been lying since Christopher Columbus.

    1. ^😂😂😂😂

      this is the year of completion so it’s wrapping up things.
      the kardashians could be coming to a halt.
      their karma,
      like mikey pointed out,
      could be on the way.

    1. I don’t think so, taylor did lie about that song so she deserved what she got. She said she never heard about that song when they called her and she go with whatever line you want. Plus the shitty move she did to her ex about the song with rih, nope taylor deserved it and more. I say this and i have all her albums. If kim lied about that she deserved whatever she’ll get.

      1. Louis I totally agree with Taylor getting what she deserved but what I’m saying is that instead of Kim leaveing it up to karma she decided to get her hands dirty and take it upon herself get revenge. Karma goes around and comes around now Kim got herself in this mess.

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