j. august richards is having a “YES”

i like it when i see black gay couples take pics like ^this.
don’t get me wrong,
i lust pics like this too:

…but i love couples who dress up and show us living outside the bedroom.
it seems like love is in the air for many black gays these days.
folks are debuting new relations or revealing secret ones.
j. august richards is checking a new box in his relationship…

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j. august richards comes out

i like when folks don’t make it an extravaganza when they come out.
once the balloons pop and the confetti is cleaned up,
they are still expecting that attention.
we fonted about that loneliness in an entry past.
( x read about it here )
j. august richards,
who is cool af and was on the iconic “angel“,
came out yesterday.
he was having a ig live convo with his cast-mate,
from his show on nbc called “council of dads“,
and this is how it happened…

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you either slay your “giants” or you tame them

we all have giants that are blocking our blessings.
it could be crippling depression or anxiety,
the fear of not knowing where our lives are going,
or the insecurity of confronting a sexuality that we keep hidden away.
in order to get to the next level in our lives,
we have to either slay or tame these giants.
if you don’t,
they will kill you day by day.
a foxholer begged me to watch a web series on youtube.
i was putting it off for the longest,
but i’ve come to realize that when my soul is starving,
the universe will present something delicious at the right time.
the last couple of days was the right time.
the show was called “giants“…

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