the husbands who played together; died together (coronavirus)

since it’s nice af in new yawk,
everyone is outside without a mask on.
rona be damned!
not me, said i.
folks won’t take it serious until someone they loves passes on.
like my co-worker i mentioned in a few entries past,
imagine losing two family members in one week.
a mother,
who tested positive for the rona,
is mourning the loss of her son and husband via “news4sanantonio“…

A love story ended tragically as a couple died within hours of each other. One of their mothers, who lived with them, tested positive and is dealing with the news alone.

We spoke to family members in California who have a message for the nurses and doctors who did everything they could to try to save their family from COVID-19.

“They traveled the world, they took my mom everywhere. To see them, to see one or the other leave, it would’ve been devastating for them,” said Tsai.

The Tsai brothers are thanking medical staff at both Methodist and Baptist system who tried to save their brother Philip Tsai and his husband Tony. This, as they worry about their mother.

In our family, it was three people that got contracted COVID-19, out of those three, two died,” said Tsai.

Alfred and Robert say they want to share Philip and Tony’s love story, and they know the way they died should serve as a warning to everyone young or old, healthy or sick, male or female.

“You can look at the end of the day, there are two family members we will miss and will never get back. It’s not worth going out socializing and having that chance risking the chance of getting it,” said Tsai.

i think the government wants to send folks out to be test dummies,
they want to get more folks sick so they can test them for the vaccine.
they want a second wave in order for that to happen.
beaches open,
my foxy ass!

i don’t trust a thing these politicians have to say.
cuomo is doing a good job keeping us in ny updated,
but he still gets a side eye.
may this couple rest in peace and their mother recover fully.
continue to be vigilant.

article cc: news4sanantonio

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “the husbands who played together; died together (coronavirus)”

  1. They also know that staying in your home for too long weakens your immune system, leads to more stress and depression, and other mental issues which will also sabotages your immune system.

    The sunlight is our natural source of Vitamin D. I wouldn’t stay inside all the time…even if you have an air purifier.

    If you don’t have a job or lost it, you worry about making payments and you get even more stressed

    Top that with an unhealthy diet, and conspiracy media that broadcasts negative projections and sad news all times of the day…. You just need a resolution…

    It’s a recipe for ‘poke me’ into your new life plan.

    1. ^since the weather is nice,
      i’m gonna start taking a walk to the park on some occasions.
      just to get out and enjoy the sunshine.
      i’ll have a mask on,
      but at least i’ll be seeing whats outside.

      1. Good move. Enjoy yourself and remain healthy and focused. If you got laid off or whatever don’t be ashamed to apply for food stamps or unemployment or anything else and if you can, save any “extra” money you get and keep track of all income coming in.

  2. I’ve been walking, taking vitamins, staying positive. We’ll get through this. If the nation survived the Spanish Flu they can survive Corona. God this story is sad. I feel for the Mother

  3. Horrific. I don’t know how the mother will find peace. I hope there’s something after death. This life does not seem worth it at times.

  4. This entire thing is natural selection at its finest. Hospitals have now become a gamble since many infected people are also dying in hospital. The strongest will survive unfortunately.

    My grandmother passed away from this virus two weeks ago so I’ve witnessed how its taking people out like flies. Stay safe people.

  5. So, so sad. So many friends and colleagues have lost relatives to this terrible virus. Please stay safe, y’all!

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