when a bad reputation meets a good fox

i love a “bad reputation”.
not with me however,
but with those who did me wrong.
they will always be a few who don’t like you.
all of us aren’t made for everyone,
but if life has taught me anything,
it’s that those types are usually the “most hated”.
when it comes to “jobs and careers” tho,
it’s better to have a near spotless rep.
so i went on an interview on friday…

it wasn’t really an interview,
but a head huntress i worked with before my last job.
before i turned down an assignment she had,
she told me to make sure i called her when i was free again.
my unemployment card came into her office.
she called me as soon as it arrived.
so we ended up having a little meeting on friday morning.
when she saw my resume,
she saw my last job and said:

“oh wow,
you worked there?
it’s so funny that i see that company on so many resumes that come in here.
the dates of work are always very short and they never get good reviews.
there is a high turn over rate at that company.”

i love that shit.
even know i already knew the deal,
i was low key in my feelings about how they set me up for failure.
after a job loss,
you get into this mind frame that it might just be “you”.
you start questioning yourself and your work ethic.

“what could i have done better?”
“why didn’t i kiss ass like the others?”
“how could i prevented this from happening?”

when in reality,
you could have done all those things and still be out the door.
no one is happy at my last job.
everyone was overworked and underpaid.
management is horrible and don’t know wtf they’re doing.
when an exec packs her shit up and quits on random,
that told me all i needed to know.
even though it was a check,
it was still a toxic environment to work.
i’m glad i left there with my reputation in tact.
i can’t font the same for theirs.
the head huntress said she will look for something better for me.
i told her i’m open to whatever,
but if she can find me anything in line with my career.
entertainment based jobs,
she said she will keep an eye out.

lowkey: anytime i work at a company,
and they do me wrong,
they always crumble to the ground.
i don’t have to ruin folk’s reps; they do it themselves.
the universe gets even for me.

2 thoughts on “when a bad reputation meets a good fox

  1. I feel Jamari. Im sitting here looking everywhere. I just dont want to do the same shit I’ve always been doing. I’ve worked with temp agencies, but dont really lile them bc their lack of insurance and even low pay at times. Im just exasperated and the Universe refuses to allow me to win the lotto. Lol. I just feels so unbalanced. Good luck with you. Let me know when you get some good news!

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