it’s been “a minute”, but the video has cum (stevie j and faith evans)

stevie j has tail.
( x front ) and back.
so as you know,
my ratchet bae and faith evans got married recently.
they started off this union with a video they were releasing.
it’s called  “a minute” and i posted about ( x the viral clip ).
well the whole video was released and well…

i bet that ratchet pipe is so good.

so the video strikes me as:

“two people who use to fuck a minute ago,
they met back up years later to continue fuckin’,
and now they both decided to try a relationship.”

it kinda strikes me as how this marriage even came together.
in my head,
that is.
unlike mimi and her porno,
stevie and faith’s soft core porn “debut” is actually really tasteful.
we saw the top part of faith’s crack and some grindin’,
but it was “sexy ratchet” unlike full blown porn that went nowhere.
they have chemistry and it really worked.
the song isn’t bad either.
stevie is a pretty good producer aside joseline’s efforts.
here is some bts:


stevie and that thick bawdy>>>>
i’d like more please.
i’m kinda into this ratchet couple.
i guess we will have to wait until “leave it to stevie”:

whenever that may be on vh1.

lowkey: i kinda feel like they have great sex.

9 thoughts on “it’s been “a minute”, but the video has cum (stevie j and faith evans)

  1. Stevie has always been sexy to me… Big mature muscles, a huge 3rd tail in-between his legs and he’s clearly a freak. I like sexy men who have that “creep” vibe haha

    He looks like the perfect person to smut you out and treat you like a bitch. He seems like one of those guys who are good for that 2am dick appointment and then you don’t speak to them again until you’re horny again. Because other than sex he comes across as a headache. Just look at how he lies to his women, child support drama, infidelity etc

    I heard he likes T-girls (according to Shauna Brooks, Jhonnie Blaze & Joseline).. I’m gonna need him to like gay men with male bodies too because lord knows I would shoot my shot lol

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