so i watched season 6 of “orange is the new black” and well…

so i finished my binge of “orange is the new black”.
as you know,
i was looking forward for the new season after the trailer.
for some,
the show was over after the riots or when poussey died.
i was still very much into it.

i liked most of the characters,
the villains,
the “tv-ma” sex scenes,
and the story lines with each sub plot.
some of the characters got on my nerves,
like piper and daya,
but every good show needs a dumb ass for me to eye roll.
so my thoughts on season 6…

quick summary on this season:

“the season picks up right after the riot at litchfield.
the inmates were detained and a majority were shipped off to max (maximum security).
the rest: God knows where.
at max,
they are split up between blocks.
two blocks are run by two sisters with a serious grudge.
the other is where all the old folks go to die.
this new location shows a ton of new characters,
corrupt correctional officers,

plot twists,
and how there is no such thing as friendship within the prison system.

the two sisters weren’t really “villains”.
they were almost just there.
this one i wanted to jump off the nearest roof tho:

badison was so annoying.
you know she played her role well.
a couple of the characters disappointed me tho.
either by questionable decisions or stupidity.
how you gonna fuck over red and tasytee?
the season was pretty good for me.
there was a side of me that wishes they went back to litchfield.
i missed red and gloria in the kitchen,
mr. caputo as the warden,
and the overall feel of the minimum security prison.
i was hoping they would be shipped back up there as the season went on.
they were in absolute hell.

i do think the show could end after next season tho.
it has been renewed for a season 7,
but i just can’t see them stretching this show out even further.
i love the actresses on this show,
but i think the story is reaching (reached?) it’s climax.
(you’ll see why after the end of this season)
it could have ended with the way how the last episode ended.
i’ll leave the foxhole to be the judge of that.
season 6 of “orange is the new black” isĀ  entertaining,
but if you’re like me,
you’ll hope they end this show and not take it to “jumped the shark” hell.

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  1. Yeah, I just had this discussion with a colleague. Even though I enjoy the show a lot, I do want it to end before it gets too out of hand. Nothing worse than a good show taking a complete nosedive.

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