everyone is drooling about co jarod young today (branden wellington)

there are some wolves,
that are so handsome,
that you could imagine what they’d be like in high school.
they’d be popular af,
and when you saw them in the halls,
you’d stay plottin when you’d be able to talk to them.
that is how i feel about branden wellington.
everyone is plottin on him today.
now i don’t know his past,
but after seeing him play co jarod young  in “oitnb”:

…he had me at the facial and the vocals.
this is all the intel i gathered about branden wellington…


voice over artist

born: indianapolis
accolades: won an emmy award for writing in
“tv dreams in a world of sports”

here are some photos and a few videos:


and full of christian values?

sounds like a “husband” to me.
you know what i found interesting too?
he interviewed gloria from “orange is the new black”,
played by selenis leyva,
back in 2015:

….and in 2018,
his dreams took him all the way on the same show.
i got chills at that foreshadow.
we can’t give up on your dreams foxhole.
you never know who is coming into your future.
well i hope unlimited success,
and even more facials and vocals,
for branden.
i’m sure tyler perry is writing a role for him as we font.
i can’t wait to see where he goes next.

lowkey: it looks like he’s dating a black actress as well…

x see more from his ig story

okay for this black love.
this is already starting out good already.
now can someone find me this other co wolf:


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