bow wow ain’t with the bloggers and your comments

his eyes looks sad.
now i understand what folks meant by that.
i think we all need to start considering folks feelings.
celebrities included.
it’s hard considering some folks are so daggone stupid.
bow wow is one who wants to be left alone.
he’s having a full meltdown on his twitter and ig today.
this time,
he’s launching missiles at all the bloggers.
except “the shade room”.
the ones who do “smash or pass” in his expense.
this is what he had to font

i couldn’t resist.
well here’s the thing since i’m a blogger…
bloggers keep these celebs relevant.
without us,
most of these celebs would be a done deal.
a post from me reaches 13k+ views daily,
which ends up adding up to 300k+ a month.
i don’t mean to brag but that’s a shit load of foxholers.
i don’t see major publications giving most black celeb’s love.
they have a major scandal or project coming out.
so i don’t think it’s wise to get blacklisted by the blogging community,
especially being a creative of color.
comments are gonna be comments,
with or without the blog.
“the shade room” gets “fucked with“,
but the comments on there can be ruthless at times.
i think bow wow is just tired of the industry in general.
he’s a child star who reached his peak and doesn’t know what’s next.
we only know him for who he is banging at this point.
he posted this shortly after:

well he needs to do it then.
what is really stopping him?
that might lower his child support drastically.

there is always someone else who would want that publicity.
i had to wonder tho…

If his career was still poppin,
like it was in his “scream tour era” days,

would these tweets be posted in 2018?

i’ll wait.

lowkey: i’ll cut him some slack because of his mental illness,
but he needs to take a time out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “bow wow ain’t with the bloggers and your comments”

  1. I’ll be honest, I was about to do the insensitive petty shade like people always do online, but the humane side of me managed to resist and analyze his situation. I once loved this dude as a kid so I won’t be too hard on him here.

    Also, I kinda get his point, he’s not popping anymore so unfortunately he’s become a laughing running joke within the internet and blogs pick up on that. So they generally only post him to be messy or whenever he does his shenanigans (his fault). Shaderoom do post him with his girlfriend though.

    Even though he does a lot of clown shit I remember him saying that he felt suicidal, he’s been saying this for years btw. I remember when he had his daughter in 2011, he said that she gave him a purpose to live because he was already over life by then. Mind you he was only 24. He experienced fame and all of that stuff so early on in his life that he felt like he’s seen it all by his 20s and had nothing else to do or live for (his words).

    A lot of people in those blogger comments are the same ones who will changing their tune if this man ends up dead somewhere. He has his weird corny ways but folks need to learn how to have some compassion and realize that he is human too.

    Also this man loves attention, he would crumble if he went to have a regular day job. He needs fame to pay his bills. The moment he works in a store and is being given orders by a uppity ass manager he is going to wish he had his “celebrity” life again. He’s never worked a conventional job his whole life so he knows nothing of what he is saying. Be careful what you wish for Shad, you aren’t built for this.

  2. It is sort of hard to feel anything for someone who at the age of 30 has blew threw more money than most of us will make in a lifetime. Too many of us out here are living paycheck to paycheck and barely surviving and he mad because his star has faded and he is the industry running joke.

    Sadly his parents have done a piss poor job with him as well as his advisers, I am sure most saw him as a paycheck and meal ticket and nothing more. He clearly has no business sense or he could have parlayed his money into an empire. Why the hell do you wanna work at Gamestop when you should own several.

    I remember years ago reading about Aretha Franklin talking about her sister who worked a regular job and how she did not understand that concept as she has never worked doing anything else but singing, so at times she could not understand how her sister had to leave a party early or could not stay out late with her on tour because she had to clock in on the job. Bow Wow could not work a regular job, his pride would not let him, and his attitude already seems bad, so to be subservient to a Supervisor would break him for sure. If you are going to be in this game, you have to have thick skin and deal with the Ups and Downs and career setbacks. If you stay off the Blogs you dont have to read what people say about you, of course if you have a new project coming out, you will be kissing those same Blogs Ass for free publicity.

    I see this same behavior on social media with somewhat popular attentionista’s becoming frustrated with comments and the antics of some of their followers threatening to shut down their pages (they never do). Bow Wow needs to chill and just stay out the public eye if he is that worried or concern about what people say, and really no one would notice anyhow if he did, and we all would be a lot of happier, us not having to hear him whine, and him not having to whine about his unfair life.

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