anne hathaway puts white folks in their place over nia wilson

i have an interview today and i have to take the mta.
for those who don’t know,
that is the new yawk train system.
i’m going to be on high alert on that train platform.
even on the train,
i’m going to be looking over my shoulder.
this is where black folks are at in america right now.
the recent murder of a young black vixen,
nia wilson on the bart (bay area rapid tranist),
is another example of our lives being taken for simply being black.
as you know,
or maybe didn’t,
her throat was slit by a deranged white snow hyena.
i won’t font his name.
her sister,
lethifah wilson,
was also stabbed in her neck but survived the attack.
anne hathaway,
recent star of “oceans 11”,
decided to post about the situation yesterday.
this is what she had to font

i honestly cried reading that.
this part:

“White people- including me, including you- must take into the marrow of our privileged bones the truth that ALL black people fear for their lives DAILY in America and have done so for GENERATIONS. White people DO NOT have equivalence for this fear of violence.”

that was the part.
black folks already font about how tragedies like this affect us.
tracee ellis ross and voila davis didn’t stay silent.

we always speak about our pain being black to deaf ears.
when white folks can not only acknowledge,
but call out their white privilege,
it’s really a powerful thing because most usually don’t.
they tend to live in a bubble.
they may “omg that’s so sad!” and go about their day.
black folks don’t have that luxury in this country.
the thing that is really sad to me is anne,
an actress,
uses her platform to address this recent situation.
that “orange jackal”,
the one who is in charge at the moment,
is using his platform to bully and stay silent on these issues.
he recently “cap locked” a president in another to nia wilson.

lowkey: things are so out of control right now.
it’s fuckin scary.
is this what making america great again meant?

read more about nia wilson: new york times

8 thoughts on “anne hathaway puts white folks in their place over nia wilson

  1. Reading and comprehension is important. This is about a mentally unstable individual. It’s about mental health, not racism.

    Higher education is important!

  2. I applaud her for this. I was surprised it came from her though, and more white people need to speak up for what they know is right. She said that shit and closed the comments. That truly was a “I said what I said” moment.

  3. i’m from oakland, ca and the bart station she was killed at is literally 3 blocks away from where i live smh. this bastard had the never to get back on bart the same day but with different clothes on and got arrested so peacefully. had it been a brotha his ass would be thrown over the damn platform AND shot.

  4. …but turn on the TV to your local news. Niggas killing each other at a much faster rate than these random acts of racism. Until we come together as a unified black race, things will only get worse…and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. But keep thinking it’s a game. Trump has shown you over and over what time it is.

  5. I like the idea about not naming shooters, but I think it’s better for something like school shooters or teenagers.

    I want his name and info everywhere. I want his circle that knew about his hatred to be ashamed of themselves for ignoring or encouraging it. I want him to be so infamous that he can’t go anywhere without problems, so his family has to disown him for their own safety. Fuck that forgival and tolerance shit cause this need to stop

  6. I am so out raged by these senseless murders ! I would walk home at 3o’clock in the morning on dark streets in Bahrain or Amsterdam and not look over my shoulder not once! Since I have been back in the States I very rarely go out at night and I am very careful of where I go in the day time! The random murders here in my home town are out of hand. A Man I have known from childhood was murdered just a couple of weeks ago leaving one of the casino’ a white ex con. A Black business owner with a downtown bar found a noose hanging on his door last week. Sick, Sick Sick. Stay Strong My Brother in these turbulent times..

    1. ^you as well.
      it’s like “the purge” come to life now.
      only thing is we are the target.
      the disgusting part is our president doesn’t give a damn.

    2. Don’t be dumb. You should always be aware of your surroundings. Anywhere there’s a being, there’s danger.

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