cardi b ain’t about that tour life anymore

i called it.
i said that after cardi b got pregnant,
this would fuck up her “career”.
it looks like i was right.
if ya’ll was looking to see her on tour with bruno mars,
you are about to disappointed.
this is what she just posted on her ig

if nicki was smart,
she would roll out her next era with precision.
a fine tooth comb with her shit.
her “competition” has shot herself in the foot.
this is her chance,
but alas,
i don’t know what her team is doing.
is it wrong to ask

WHY the fuck would Cardi B get pregnant so soon into her career?

who thought that was a good idea?
she shoulda been making her money,
building her brand,
and then go off and get pregnant.
bruno responded on his ig:

i’m glad i stayed on shore while folks was on the cardi wave.
good thing i didn’t bring my surfboard.
cute vixen; bad decisions.

12 thoughts on “cardi b ain’t about that tour life anymore

  1. I don’t know Cardi is doing what women are designed to do. Can’t see how she’s losing or ruining her career.

  2. This would kill most people’s cater, but her label is pushing her hard . Her last song went #1 with little to no promotion from her. If she doesn’t wait too long the record label will make sure she is still being played and she can bounce back.

  3. You know you can’t tell these hoodrats shit about these hood niggas. I love her but Cardi is a dummy.

  4. So she’s trying to pull a Janet? Sadly, her career will be fine though. Black people still love her.

    The more I learn about the world, the more I dislike people like Cardi. Quick to rep being Latina, but quiet about being black. Bitch you grew up in The Bronx talking about ‘your culture’. Afrocentric features and in America, yet she gotta emphasize she’s not African American. She’s poison for young black girls.

  5. The first part of this entry is kind of harsh. Yes pregnancy makes certain aspects of her career difficult but it wont completely fuck it up. She has to move differently now thats for sure. The one thing I dont understand how she expected to have a baby in july and then be on stage in september. Pregnancy is a job in itself. Her body needs to rest and heal.

  6. Jamari, you seem to be a bit mean to Cardi hear. Also, why would Cardi and Nicki be fighting? So that one could be the “alpha female?”

  7. You need to recover from childbirth. Kind of surprised by your ignorance. She’ll be back, just not as quickly as some may have thought.

    1. Tre mothers need to bond with their child and recover from childbirth.
      However, if she rebounds I’ll be shocked. I do think she just ended her “career”.
      She was the ‘flavor of the moment” and if you’re not around to keep your name out there, with song or whatever, you will be forgotten VERY quickly.
      You know fans other than die-hard Stans, are fickle.

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