f0xmail: What I’ve Realized About Myself and The Career I’ve Chosen

largei got an interesting package from a reader i wanted to share.
one of the toughest decisions to make in life is your career.
from what you want to do after college.
what will make you happy and fulfilled.
you can spend many years in college and never use the degree you chased.
hell i know a few college grads who i’m making more money than.
…and that ain’t even a lot.
so when i got this f0xmail,
i wanted to share because i understand the struggle…
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Ask Me My Talent

tumblr_mwidaa31Ho1s9ox3qo4_500why does going after your dreams feel so…
it makes you feel kinda insecure?
almost like you want to give up?
like why does that happen?
why is it when we are confronted with what we want,
or something we thought we knew we wanted,
(until we got all the logistics)
that we buckle?
it can feel like throwing it in the air,
running far away,
and never coming back.
our careers look easy in our minds,
but we have no idea the hard work that goes into it.
acting is hard work.
modelling is hard work.
rapping is hard work.
writing is hard work.
fashion is hard work.
blogging is hard work.
college is hard work.
careers are hard work.
everything requires some kind of sacrifice.
so i had to ask…

You thought it was gonna be easy, huh?
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wolfwire: Look At My Family Friend That Is Going To Be On TV!

HIS-USA-CARE-37so i got a package from the wolfwire today.
this is what was said when i unwrapped it:

My family friend Kevin Savage has been grinding for years in Philly doing modeling shows, plays, music performances and everything and he always wanted to be an actor. he’s always been kind, nice and respectful and is one of the most humble individuals you’ll ever meet.  So first he made a name for himself locally  at home and then in 2012 he moved to the ATL. His career is going far. Tomorrow night he makes his debut on the the show ‘The Originals’ as a character named Jerick. Check him out it’s coming on at 8 on the CW. SN he’s tall dark and handsome, i think yall might love him lol but i think of him as a big cousin lol


sounds good.
well lets open up kevin savage’s package,
shall we?…
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One Day I’ll Look Back At This and Take A Shot

tumblr_m6ldsysiIV1qzeufnsometimes i wonder if its obvious when its time to move forward in life.
like are there any signs?
does god ring a bell that only you hear?
do you have to hear that you’re good enough before hand?
i see so many people getting stuck.
working these dead ends jobs until they can’t do it anymore.
watching their dreams pass them by with every punch in/punch out.
all they do is complain about their shit head boss and full of shit co workers.
it scares me.
being that person scares the fuck out of me.
can i be real with the foxhole tonight…
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The Journey of The Ignored

Bridge-of-Heaven-Tenti was talking to a wolf and he said this:

“i’m trying to pop off in my career and no one is taking me seriously.
people ignore me and i feel like maybe i should give up…”

i felt him.
its hard to want to be something and feel ignored.
i understood what he was talking about.
sometimes i feel that way with this site,
but i figured i’d be real with him
(and everyone else who is in the same boat)…
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Been Down So Long This Looks Like Up to Me

tumblr_inline_mh31u6xEUo1qkf6iw-1yesterday was a hectic day,
my paws are barkin’,
but it proved a win for me emotionally.
it made me realize how down i have been for a while now…
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