wolfwire: Look At My Family Friend That Is Going To Be On TV!

HIS-USA-CARE-37so i got a package from the wolfwire today.
this is what was said when i unwrapped it:

My family friend Kevin Savage has been grinding for years in Philly doing modeling shows, plays, music performances and everything and he always wanted to be an actor. he’s always been kind, nice and respectful and is one of the most humble individuals you’ll ever meet.¬† So first he made a name for himself locally¬† at home and then in 2012 he moved to the ATL. His career is going far. Tomorrow night he makes his debut on the the show ‘The Originals’ as a character named Jerick. Check him out it’s coming on at 8 on the CW. SN he’s tall dark and handsome, i think yall might love him lol but i think of him as a big cousin lol


sounds good.
well lets open up kevin savage’s package,
shall we?…

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 9.26.47 PMum…
lets see more

cherylwell god bless him!!!!
his body is serious.
i’ll definitely tune in to his show.
crossing fingers for shirtless scenes.
well i hope he has much success with his future endeavors!
foxhole: give him some support!

lowkey: he kinda looks like kerry rhodes in some angles.

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  1. Good Gawd almighty as if I need another man to lust after and drool over, but damn this is nice. Savage looking forward to seeing you on the scene and wishing you much success Bro.

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