Been Down So Long This Looks Like Up to Me

tumblr_inline_mh31u6xEUo1qkf6iw-1yesterday was a hectic day,
my paws are barkin’,
but it proved a win for me emotionally.
it made me realize how down i have been for a while now…

so i was all over the various tents at lincoln center yesterday.
working next to some big stylists for the different brands.
i even had to work one on one with of the creative directors.
each person i worked with appreciated what i brought to the table.
it was actually refreshing to hear:

“you do such a good job!”
“you are very organized!”
“where did you get him?
he is great!”

…rather than the bullshit i receive at the plantation.

1zl5aogi almost forgot i worked there.
if it wasn’t for the text from thing 2:

“hope you feel better.
those people can’t get it together without you…”

my eyes nearly got stuck mid roll.
there are no “liar liars” lurking the premises.

i am around career people.
people who started from the bottom not they here.
at “the plantation”,
everyone including myself is replaceable.
i’m so dreading going back to that place monday.
a side of me wants to call out tbh,
but i can’t call out forever.

working fashion week,
and just being in that environment,
only makes me realize what makes me truly happy.
words cannot express the golden glow i’ve had these last few days.
i am a valuable asset to any team i work with.
i work well with new people and learn new skills pretty quick.
when i am in an environment like this one,
i am able to shine like a diamond in the sky.
*cue rihanna to the foxhole auditorium*
i’m way beyond the modern wage slavery at the plantation.
i go above and beyond at that place and my worth isn’t recognized.
…but the stress,
and potential high blood pressure is worth it because my bills are paid,

off to day 3.

lowkey: my updated resume is about to be lookin’ right.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Been Down So Long This Looks Like Up to Me”

  1. I’m so happy you are having this experience, I can’t wait until you’re feeling this way all the time doing what you love. I wouldn’t be surprised if a new career opportunity comes from this , everyone is watching you do your thing.

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