Fox Relationship Goals (4)

tumblr_nzpyzvXx171ucse80o1_500i really like this couple.
they seem genuine.
even though they’re not gay,
i really liked how the following incident was handled.
so meagan good and her husband,
pastor devon franklin,
were at an event promoting their new book,
“the wait:
a powerful practice for finding the love of your life and the life you love”.
well a she-jackal in the audience decided to get at the way meagan dresses.
this is what happened after for my relationship goals…

tumblr_mhwf2srTPr1qgqyeio4_r1_250these jackals are so bold these days.
they want to say anything and feel you won’t react.
as soon as you do,
Β its the “hurt bunny look” and “the victim protection act”.
like go somewhere with that nonsense.
i loved how devon protected his wife.
you see she didn’t even have to say anything.
he got this.
my wolf better have “this” like ima have “that”.

lowkey: always been a fan of meagan good.
glad to see she has found her happiness in a good wolf.

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Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “Fox Relationship Goals (4)

  1. That was lovely, that she jacket knows she had no business asking that questions and was just trying it. I loved how her husband handled that ( I bet she got turned on and was ready to plow his brains out later that night lol) I never understand the hate she got on the way she dresses.

    P.S. I love this hairstyle on her makes her look younger.

    1. Mikey boy your too much, it had to turn on her on because it definitely did for me. They make a great couple he’s definitely bae goals for me.

    2. People are always just looking for something to say about a person, pisses me off that it’s mainly other sisters coming at her. Meagan is with a pastor so they found something, she’s “too sexy and need to cover up”.

      What they don’t realize is, they sound stupid af and are only making it harder for them. She’s making a statement, if a woman likes a dress that should be it, fuck what people think. I don’t think it even matter what she wears, Meagan just has that sex appeal.

  2. I’m not particularly religious, so I might be missing something when I say this, but I thought that was really “masculine” (one example of masculinity that I advocate for as opposed to the pseudo-act people do nowadays.) That was really sweet of him. I approve. I dont know much about Megan, all I know her from is Stomp the Yard but she seems like a nice girl. They seem like a nice couple.

    1. Dignified Meagan has been in a lot of films mostly supporting actress ex: the little girl in Friday at the ice cream truck, Eve’s Bayou, Cousin Sketter, Think like a Man and I could go on.

  3. He did real good w/ Goode in this situation…as someone raised in it before I knew I even existed,the chu’ch has tendencies to attract the crazies and they’ll be the loudest and most offensive for Christ…smh…some nouveau-Christians can be thrown in this pool also.

  4. I love these two. And he low key turned me on being protective of his woman. *sigh* let me go practice the le of attraction some more so I can get a man

  5. Her opinions are so outdated. Leave it to an elder or overweight person to talk about covering up, ie a person whose body is past their prime. Even if you are covered up, if the clothes are too tight, they still complain and are never happy. These super-Christians need to give it up. They really are driving people away from god instead of toward him.

  6. I LOVE their relationship. Idk why, but I love seeing two attractive people together and I don’t even get jealous tbh, but I do get jealous when I see an ugly person with an attractive guy because it like how? But I know Meagan loves her husband by the way she looks at him, she had this glow and happiness when he spoke to this reporter at the red carpet event. They have true love and I 100,000,000% support their relationship.

    For the she-jackal, she’s a hater because she’s jealous. By the tone of her voice, you can tell she doesn’t have a nice body so of course she would have a problem

  7. i personally believe that as a man of God his response was incorrect and the event was actually at a church… She is a ministers wife and typically when she goes out she’s practically naked… it just goes to show just how jaded everyone is when it comes to being a bible believing Christian.. .We pick and choose what we want to adhere to and what we want to believe… It’s just not right. If you’re going to be saved and be a bible believer do it all…not just what you like. You know God is coming back real soon when people love a lie more than the truth #heaven help us all

    1. Please spare this bullshit on what I just read.

      I am so sick n tired of you bible thumping assholes always got some criticism to say about how a woman dress o how it’s a sin to be homosexual, but yet all you muthafuckas never attack rapists, murderers, and thieves. Why is that?

      Is it because most of y’all are rapists, murderers and thieves, cause I think so. And can I ask you something else? Why you here knowing damn well this a homosexual blog filled with half-naked men and porn. If you’re going to be saved and be a bible believer do it all, then don’t bring your ass over here no more and be ignorant, close-minded and dumb like the rest of you Christian assholes who love to say this person is a sin, but never look in the mirror to see who the sinfulness of them all.


      FYI I’m Catholic

      1. Lindo… I never said who i was or what i believe or what my sexual orientation is. So obviously you’re as closed minded and judgemental as those you are accusing. It simply is what it is. Weather it applies to me, you, a rapist, a murderer, or anyone who goes against the word of God! It doesn’t change. And if you’re alright with who you are why do you have to come for others in such a demeaning and vulgar way. It actually speaks of your guilt, and self condemnation. No I’m not a bible thumper or any of the other things you just called me or us or But what i am is a lover of the truth. I embrace my truth and i also embrace the truth of the WHOLE bible even if it goes against something that i choose to do. It is what it is and Megan and her husband whom most of you are praising or paradoxical in there actions because they are not reflecting the tenets of what they say the believe… I’m amused at how you’ve mastered the art of the READ but can’t even handle the whole truth. You probably don’t even like yourself. BTW i don’t have to spare anything. this blog wouldn’t be what it is if it didn’t have a forum for folk like poor you and me to share our opinions… That’s what makes it great and I’m sure Jamari can confirm that Gays, straits alike enjoy and read the blog. That speaks to the depth of the work… funny how ignorance and discontentment can make you feel like you’re open-minded but in reality you’re really not. #SAD

    2. I’ll bring it down a notch because I think Lindo handled going in on you.

      My question is, since you seem so Christian-like, where in the bible does it state how women should dress? The whole “women should not dress sexy” mentality is something that was created probably to justify men not being able to control themselves. She’s not a Muslim, she doesn’t have to wear a damn hijab.

      I’m not judging them based on what I think of their clothing, like you. I’m going off how successful they are in their careers, life, faith, and marriage.

  8. He sounds stupid and so does the lady asking the question.

    Black ppl got to much damn religion, they have no understanding that we were GIVEN Christianity in slavery by white supremacist who wanted us to

    A. Obey Your (White) Master
    B. Turn The Other Cheek
    C. Get Your Reward In Heaven

    And we are still doing it today.

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