alleged rapists still have fans and mcdonalds money for the crew too (r. kelly)

i be on some “my foxhole can predict the weather” shit.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but r. kelly was released from prison.

i knew one of his rabid stans was gonna bail r. kelly outta jail.
just knew it.
“the daily mail” found out who the alleged sucka fan is…..

The woman who posted the $100,000 bail that enabled R Kelly to walk out of prison on Monday evening has been revealed in court documents obtained by

Valencia Love, 47, lives just outside Chicago in Romeoville, and on the form, she submitted in Cook County Court stated that she is friends with Kelly.

Love owns a number of restaurants according to records obtained by as well as a childcare facility, the Lord and Child Christian Day Care.

it has to be a sista.
i figured it would be an “auntie”.
she owns a LORD AND CHILD CHRISTIAN day care.

he went straight to mcdonalds after being released:

i mean,
there are suckas born every day,
but geez louise,
i didn’t think the stupidity was this potent.
i’ll weep for the aunties supporting this mess.

lowkey: he looks fat af.

article cc: the daily mail | video cc: chiraqmurdercapitol

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “alleged rapists still have fans and mcdonalds money for the crew too (r. kelly)”

  1. Okay while R. Kelly is disgusting & a pig why are we calling a “friend” of his pathetic for looking out for her friend. Ain’t that what friends are for! She has the absolute right to believe in his innocence & help him out in his time of need! THATS WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR! Honestly we all should keep friends around like that meanwhile i’m still waiting on the $11 I loaned to my friend six months ago!

    1. ^it sounds like the type of alleged friend who would sign her child over to r. kelly tbh.
      i expect my friends to be there for me when i’m not out here making alleged sex tapes with underaged children.
      ain’t but so much friendship in the world to excuse bad behavior.

      i could be wrong tho

      1. & I agree with you but bad behavior to us may not be the same to a “friend”! We don’t all share the same common sense and hers maybe clouded by her friendship with him. I love you but calling someone pathetic for being a loyal friend is too much!

        1. Okay so if you had the money you would bail out a serial murderer? I don’t understand your point here. R Kelly if proven guilty would be a child molester and the woman owns a daycare center which…don’t even get me started on. I am a father of two and I would pull my kids right out. To me anyone who condoned these types of behaviors have serious issues. That mean she wouldn’t have an issue with him molesting her daughter or her son. And there are plenty of women who allow that every single day.

          I will not be a friend to a woman beater
          A child molester
          A killer
          A rapist
          A sexual offender or any other immoral act.
          The fact that you try to push the defense of well if that’s your friend nothing should matter is some pure bullshit and as a father I’m not here for it.

          Granted you are entitled to your opinion but this idea that people should turn the blind eye about what others do in the name of friendship…BRUHHHHH THAT IS FUCKING PATHETIC!

          1. Shut up! Like I said she is his friend and BELIEVES in his innocence. Its insane to you & me, but she obviously has her opinion on the matter its HER $100,000 and she has the absolute right to do with it as she pleases.

          2. Guys remember, most predators exhibit different behavior depending on who they are around. Loving and caring among family and friends, cold and manipulative around the person they’ve seduced. so you’re both right.

  2. I guess it’s true.

    When you’re locked up with your freedom taken away even for a day or two you dream about comfort food. Burgers, fries, soda pop, pancakes and bacon. But WHY would he sit down and dine inside the McDonalds? Send one of your minions in there to grab you a couple of quarter pounders with cheese…..

    Maybe he enjoys the attention.

  3. I just read that it was the owner of a daycare facility that bailed him out……. the fucking irony.

    But karma can be swift bitch… she is not in good standing with the state and this has brought some unwanted attention.

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