Tristan Thompson Has The Biggest Bunz In The NBA?

chris paul,
move over.
we got a new pair of butt cheeks in town.
remember how i told ya’ll i been around nba baller wolf,

tristan thompson?
i don’t know him,
but i’ve seen him up close and personal.
i mentioned ( x in this entry ) how he has a huge tail.
this video should help explain what i’m talking about…

gives a new meaning to “bad and bougie”.
he has been fuckin’ with khloe waaaayyyy too long.
that outfit looks like something she would wear.
you know she loves a ( x “shirt in the jeans” ) daytime look.
for him,
i’m getting a heavy “mom jeans”.

all jokes aside,
his tail is dumb huge.
he has a very feminine shape.
i don’t think he realizes it tho.

lowkey: his tail jiggles when it moves.
oh yes.
i watched the video a few times.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Tristan Thompson Has The Biggest Bunz In The NBA?”

  1. Yeah his butt is definitely big, but not the biggest nor best. I think Khole and him switched outfits cause that is certainly her style like you said. No complaints from me though. Lol.

  2. umm.. his cakes fill out, but they aren’t at all plump. he didn’t really give it to me in those tight jeans the way someone with real tail does.

  3. Not really feeling him on those jeans based on my opinion. Well TBH, I hated the whole outfit but it did look like he had a nice booty though. I need to see it without jeans and briefs to be for sure…..

  4. Some were saying that they were from the Khloe jean line that she has out. I don’t think the jeans did much for him. His body it pretty tight. Did you see the bulge in the pictures of him on twitter?

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